We have updated all the kernels available from our repository to their latest versions. These include the following.

Linux mainline LTS and non-LTS ver. 5.4.143. 5.10.61 and 5.14.0, respectively.
Linux Libre LTS and non-LTS ver. 5.10.61 and 5.13.13, respectively.
Linux Liquorix ver. 5.13.0-13.1.
Linux Xanmod ver. 5.13.13. and 5.13.13-cacule.

To update run:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade


To install these other kernels, run:

sudo apt install linux-image-mainline-lts
sudo apt install linux-image-mainline-lts-5.4
sudo apt install linux-image-mainline-current
sudo apt install linux-image-libre-lts
sudo apt install linux-image-libre-current
sudo apt install linux-image-liquorix
sudo apt install linux-image-xanmod
sudo apt install linux-image-xanmod-cacule


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