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Eventually, PNX will also integrate the software that is installed with the desktop environment, e.g., adding the launcher to the menu.

PNX is also portable, meaning that just as with Pacman, it can work on other architectures, like .

By default, it uses the repositories, but being that it is Pacman, you can use other repos. with it like or or , and so on.

We just finished this early build, but it's technically possible to use , , or .

Also, it's not a container.

Yes, that is Pacman.
Yes, that is in an AppImage.
Yes, that is Pacman, in an on .
Yes, that is Pacman, in an AppImage on Nitrux deployed with .

We've also been updating with improvements like faster virtual storage and USB 3.0. support.

This is amazing! We want to thank to @PINE64 for providing us with a dev. Kit. We will begin working on putting on the device 🤩🤩🤩

We have updated all the links on our website that pointed to old page slugs. If you have trouble accessing a part of the site, please send us an email.

We're very proud to have released VMetal this year, but we are nowhere near done with it.

If you haven't proposed a feature yet, you can do so now! Let us known how we can improve VMetal.

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"Another instance of why Nitrux is not Ubuntu is that, for example, you could potentially have an AppImage to use Pacman on Nitrux, and that, of course, wouldn’t mean that Nitrux is based on Arch."

See more at our interview at It's FOSS.

Today's release significant highlights.

- Maui Apps, by default. We're transitioning away from KDE apps to our own.
- Content creation with free and open-source tools (and AppImages).

Say, you have Windows on your PC, and you want to try Nitrux, but you don't want to lose your Windows installation, what do you do?.

Well, you can 'image' the drive and use the RAW IMG file in VMetal.

Thank you It's FOSS for featuring Nitrux! We talked about znx, MauiKit, VMetal, and some of our plans for the future!.

We had a great time talking with InfinitelyGalactic on this episode of IG Talks about Nitrux, znx, MauiKit, and VMetal.

Also, if you want to know more about what we're planning to do in the future and why we do things our way.

Be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to his YT channel for more Linux content.

We have created a new bounty at Bountysource for this issue!.

Generate locales #48 nitrux-iso-tool

"Our current ISO suffers from a locale generation problem. We do include the translations for the software that we ship, but these are not available in System Settings."

At , we do things differently.

We don't put Ads on our website or our OS; we don't send marketing emails, we don't collect user data, we don't include bloatware, we don't nag users with License keys, we don't charge users for support of Nitrux.

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