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Today is the day! — Nitrux 1.1.4 available at

Mirrors available at @opendesktop @sourceforge and @osdnjp

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DistroWatch reviews znx.

"The znx tool is off to a good start, and I suspect I will be using it more in the coming years."

Are you a developer who can solve this issue? — Join us at @Bountysource

"Supporting the UEFI Secure Boot mode will help less-skilled users to install znx with more ease."

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#AppImage is very cool. Zeroconf single-file application installation on Linux? Awesome!

In our most recent release, we included one new third-party application —

" is an open marketplace for independent digital creators with a focus on independent video games. is also a collection of some of the unique, exciting, and independent creations you'll find on the web."

Nitrux 1.1.4 includes a shortcut right in the menu (and depending on your internet speed) you will be enjoying many games in a matter of minutes.

With our latest release of Nitrux, we added the initial support for VMetal to our operating system. Therefore when booting up our GRUB menu will now look like this.

The two entries refer to the CPU technologies that Nitrux makes use of to make VMetal work.

"AMD-Vi, Intel VT-d. AMD-Vi/VT-d is a processor feature that enables virtualization of I/O resources (directed I/O)."

With znx, you can forget all about using installers and partitioning your storage device. znx allows you to quickly deploy multiple operating systems on one run with a simple approach.

Today is the day! — Nitrux 1.1.4 available at

Mirrors available at @opendesktop @sourceforge and @osdnjp

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We have revamped our page at Patreon. We're still far from our first goal of $160 if you like to support our efforts head over to Patreon and click on "Become a Patreon".

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Earlier this year we talked about what was coming for Nitrux for 2019, and we mentioned that some of our plans had to do with gaming. After weeks of testing, we are confident to announce it.

In this video, we take a look at the hardware that has been used in the filming of our videos, and we also run the 3DMark benchmark Time Spy.

It's still processing so only 360p for some minutes :)

We have revamped our team page at Bountysource.

You can check the list of open issues with bounties available here:

With znx, every single operating system that it deploys remains as a single file in the storage device, effectively consuming less space. Utilizing znx means the complexity of using more operating systems decreases.

Read more at our blog

Want to package your 🐧 application in a portable, distribution-independent format that needs no installation?

Download the free 📗 . It illustrates the ideas, concepts, and techniques to distribute your application as an AppImage.

Say goodbye to dual-boot.

Deploy Nitrux and more Linux distributions using znx.

Run Windows software without having Windows installed, with full-hardware acceleration with VMetal.

Get a glimpse of what we're planning to do for 2019. Make sure to follow us at Medium.

You can now donate to us via Liberapay!.

"Liberapay is a way to donate money recurrently to people whose work you appreciate. Liberapay is an open project, you can help us translate it, improve its code, and manage its legal entity. "

Check out our YouTube for the full video. FIFA 19 and GTA V running on Windows in Nitrux and switching between operating systems, Nitrux running in parallel to Windows, and Windows running with full hw acceleration.

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