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If you are interested in Cryptokitties, check out my kittens for sale. Unlike a lot of other breeders, I do not charge exorbitant fees.

Oh! If y'all could go like the thing I made, it would make me super happy! *Reposted because stupid swipe to text*

They might as well put "Uhhh..." in front of every item on drive-thru menus.

Sorry I've been MIA, I've been breeding cryptokitties.

If you send me monies, I can buy kitties.

CryptoKitty address:

It's okay to lose your shit sometimes, because if you keep your shit, you'll end up full of shit and then you'll explode, and there will be shit everywhere. A shit storm. And nobody wants that.

Person: "Hey, do you know $name? They have a disability too!"
Me: "Listen, not all people with disabilities know each other..."
Person: "That doesn't answer my question."
Me: "...yes, I do..."

Has anyone yet released a mixtape called "Fantastic Beats (and where to find them)"?

Love yourself
Accept yourself
Forgive yourself
and be good to yourself
Because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things <3

I made this thing, and I'd love it if you'd go like it to help boost my numbers. πŸ˜€

if you took the skin of an average person and laid it out flat,you would have enough for a serious criminal conviction.

Cocaine dealers are always trying to stick their business in other people's noses.

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