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Me: Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name and it feels like home.
Priest: I don't believe that is an actual prayer...
Me: No, but it's like a prayer.

Why do people say ”I saw it with my own eyes.” Do they sometimes use other peoples eyes?

@dpreacher I'm not being sarcastic, this website is awesome. They gather surveys from all around the internet and make it super easy to just click and make money. :)

@dpreacher I have made $26.59 from surveys and $50 from a gift card from doing a survey from this website in the last 5 days alone. I love this website.

@dpreacher Water shoes are shoes made to wear in the water, I bought them for him because he will be in a place that has showers all of the boys will be using. No need to catch athlete's foot in the showers!

I just bought my son's water shoes for his upcoming 5 day school trip with the money I made answering surveys. I love buying things with money I get for answering stupid bullshit questions like 'Do you like this commercial?' Seriously.
You can do it too.
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@morguldir @Zulgrib And they didn't pay $75 for one survey. That was me, doing a shitload of surveys for change. As well as getting a Visa Gift card for participation in a survey.

@morguldir @Zulgrib Maybe you are failing to understand how this works. You don't give them your information, you answer questions like Do You Like This Commercial, Yes or No? After they play a commercial for you. But whatever. Your loss. *Walks off to make more money after answering stupid questions*

@Zulgrib They even have an app you can use that you d/l from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

@Zulgrib You just have to actual do the surveys. And it's stupid shit like 'do you like this commercial' for the most part. Lol

@Zulgrib If it was a scam, I wouldn't share it. I swear on everything, I have made $75 USD from this shit.

OMG. I found a survey site that pays you to do stupid simple surveys guys.
I've made an extra $75 in the past 3 days!!
If you go sign up, when you send your first payment to PayPal, you'll get a bonus .50 and I'll get a bonus .50!
Awesome, right?
So go do it! Make some extra $$$$$$
Oh, and the fuck out of this post, because damn we could all use some extra $$$$$ amirite?

@how That's cute, and very white privileged. The truth of the matter is, that as far as caloric intake goes, fast food burgers give poor people the most bang for their buck.

SPOILER ALERT: Rice cakes do not contain any actual cake.