I just bought my son's water shoes for his upcoming 5 day school trip with the money I made answering surveys. I love buying things with money I get for answering stupid bullshit questions like 'Do you like this commercial?' Seriously.
You can do it too.
Here's my referral code:

@dpreacher Water shoes are shoes made to wear in the water, I bought them for him because he will be in a place that has showers all of the boys will be using. No need to catch athlete's foot in the showers!

@dpreacher I have made $26.59 from surveys and $50 from a gift card from doing a survey from this website in the last 5 days alone. I love this website.

@NaveenAlexandra hard to believe with all the sarcasm that flows otherwise, right? :-) but good that it works for you. :-)

@dpreacher I'm not being sarcastic, this website is awesome. They gather surveys from all around the internet and make it super easy to just click and make money. :)

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