I'd hate to be all, but there would be 6 weeks of winter no matter what, BUT today is the literal halfway point of winter, which is 3 months long, or 12 weeks. So, no matter what that little furry fuck sees, today is the literal halfway point. There are literally 6 more weeks of winter from this point until spring.

@NaveenAlexandra it would be quite fucked if the equinox showed up just cause of the groundhog...

@NaveenAlexandra and then there's the Pacific Northwest, where the spring looks almost exactly like the tail half of winter, only a couple degrees warmer so you don't really care.

@NaveenAlexandra Several of our flowering shrubs are breaking leaf buds.

@crowdyke That's lovely, but still doesn't change the fact that there are 6 more weeks of winter. Literally. lol

@NaveenAlexandra Assumption valid only if you believe the calendar is an honest indicator of the change of seasons.

@NaveenAlexandra Astounding revelation. Here, well, it just depends. The weather here is so chaotic/variable seasons slide. Plus the climate is marginal.

Spring breaks on Merseyside - travel to Edinburgh, only 200 miles north and there is no indication that winter has any intention of going anywhere.

Opposite applies if you drive 200 miles south to London.

I live at sea level. Climb a meagre 1500 feet and the viability of food crops is compromised.

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