Got my prosthesis, my prosthesis broke. Prosthesis came back, using my prosthesis caused my arm to shrink. Couldn't use prosthesis, got casted again for a new system. First test socket didn't fit properly, got casted again. Currently waiting for the new test socket. In that time, my washer drain hose froze, and the line for my oil tank which controls the heat and hot water in my house froze (It's been fucking freezing)
OH! And my dog had to be put to sleep the day after Christmas.

@NaveenAlexandra I remember you showing off the new prosthesis. Sorry to hear about all of the trouble. Hope it works out soon!

Oh damn. That sounds like a lot on your plate these days. Hopefully 2018 will get better really soon.

Hope to read about you in the future. I somewhat missed you in my timeline as well. Once those crypto kitties emerged your practically dissappeared.

Although I get it. Sometimes there are just other things that comes first.

That's a lot of tough stuff, and I hope things go better for you.

Until then, have you thought about writing a country song?

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