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Naveen βœ… πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

When the Spice Girls chose their Spicy alter-ego nicknames, the girl with the biggest boobs should have chosen to go by Spice Rack.

Who's the funniest droid in the Star Wars universe?

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I make apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow.

Have you heard about the new movie called Constipation? It hasn't come out yet.

There are two types of people in the world.
People who help me hide the body, and people who are the body.

It's amazing how different the phrases "alcohol free" and "free alcohol" are.

Me: Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name and it feels like home.
Priest: I don't believe that is an actual prayer...
Me: No, but it's like a prayer.

Why do people say ”I saw it with my own eyes.” Do they sometimes use other peoples eyes?

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SPOILER ALERT: Rice cakes do not contain any actual cake.

Before McDonald's, I bet "don't buy cheeseburgers from a clown" was a pretty hard and fast rule.

The ONLY viable marketing response to "Doritos, For Her" is for their competitor to make "Pringles, For Him," which are normal Pringles with an attachment to turn the can into a fleshlight. :-P