One drink Monday is just a gateway to a Tuesday hangover.

One drink Monday is just a gateway to a Tuesday hangover.

Worse night of sleep, ever. Even my sleep app is confused about my sleep patterns.

1st floor neighbour is drilling. Piano neighbour is playing the piano.

Alcohol will make you miss people you shouldn’t be missing.

When I joined Masto a year ago, Social was closed for registration. So I joined Cloud. But the instance is so wonky :(

I eventually created an account on Social but I feel tied to Cloud cause it has all this amazing history:(

It's not that hard to not be a hateful prick. If you find that difficult, Social is not the place for you.

And in the past, social media platforms have allowed them that space for the sake of their interaction.

I don't do that. I believe I can build a dynamic and rich community without giving space to hateful fools in hopes they change at some point.

Act like a decent human being or find somewhere else to vomit your filth. There is no third option.

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Since black Twitter is a thing, is there a black Mastodon yet?

"I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many people there are in me."
β€”AnaΓ―s Nin

I take an awfully long time to recover from life experiences that normal people often get over in a week πŸ˜‘

Sudden influx of replies. Because my instance has been down. Shall reply to all you lovely people when I’m less drunk. Or not drunk. ❀️

Pro tip: men will fuck with your mind/heart with forehead kisses. Don’t fall for that shit.

I feel like my masto toots don’t exist πŸ˜”

It's cold. And it's wonderful. I missed you Autumn πŸ‚

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