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Pepper 🐙 @[email protected]

It's almost 2am and I'm fighting mosquitoes.

Lightbulb moment. That took me long enough.

Watching a comedy. After weeks of horror, crime dramas and thrillers - I'm finally watching something light hearted.

I unfriended someone on FB for praising an apartheid president. FW de Klerk was a fucking monster.

Ok. So the barman in this movie (who's supposed to be a good guy) eyes a girl and says: lord is there no mercy these days, look at the body on that 12 year old.

Something along those lines.


Made chicken fried spicy rice and watching 'Boys on the side'. Just living my best life.

Watched a movie from the early 90s yesterday. The male characters referred to women as 'broads'.

I completely forgot about the word. Where did it even come from? America, please help...

Craving a proper fry up breakfast.

I want to sleep. But I also want pizza.

Bedtime. I hope I sleep until 2020. Because that's how exhausted I am.

Bought wine. But I'm too tired to drink it.

Omg! What a long day. Finally home.

I joined a Parkinson's support group and it's helping me understand what my father is going through. Breaks my heart 💔

It's been a difficult journey. Because he's been an asshole mostly. But when you hear the stories from people who have the disease- it helps you understand. They can't help who they become.

And many feel shame and humiliation which is why they lash out.

Gah! It's almost midnight and it's going to be a long Thursday with too many deadlines.

Peace and love!

TONA - Troll of the Nation. 😆

Our President (finally) resigned! Happy fucking Valentine's Day!