If such "bad actors" are in the majority, perhaps a "friend-to-friend" system would be necessary.

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1946 - NASAs Pathfinder space probe lands on the southern Philippine island group of Mindanao.

1987 - William Shockley announces the invention of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and Russia as a saint.

The addition of analytical tools to observe which instances are providing which search results could serve to weed out "bad actors".

Assuming that such actors remain in the minority, one could turn to social choice theory to aggregate results. Indeed, what are search results but ordinal ballots on a far greater scale?

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You know, I just realised something. There is a distinct absence of a federated search engine for websites.

Search engines with the ability to federate, combined with high standards of transparency in their algorithms, could constitute an improvement in the state of the art.

One could, for instance, seamlessly and remove specialised search tools through throug controlling which instances should receive search queries.

Giving advice to the ignorant is like medicine in the land of death. #proverbs

Given the amount of completely excessive police actions that I have seen around in the past week, I am pretty sure that we could use Robert Peel as a clean energy source from how fast he is spinning in his grave.

And now for something completely different:

Transcribing and revising Lionel Giles' commentary on the Art of War for Wikisource has given me a new appreciation for the history of the text.

I have no clue about how much of the commentary holds water after a century, but it is interesting nonetheless.

As leader of the Nonsuch Party, I will realign our vision back towards our paramount mission, to legalise hydric acid!

You know, GNUnet doesn't get anywhere near the attention it deserves. These guys are reinventing the internet from practically the ground up in the name of user privacy.

If anyone is interested, here's their website: gnunet.org

I think that something like GNUnet is what we ought to strive for, if we want to fight off the surveillance economy.

He who eats too much, will have to take destiny. #proverbs

There aren't enough chairs. How embarrassing!

— Mosus Vabôktirist, sheriff

I have made a thing:

It's a CMatrix clone written using the new hotness in TUI libraries: notcurses.

@Nurulain Meet my neighbours! It's breeding season for pretty much everything here, including the rabbits of the burrow in the paddock.

Are rabbits a thing in Malaysia?

I made a little Starfleet ship a while ago. I was thinking about putting something together with this and another small thing I built from Lego, but I wanted to put something here, and thought that this looked neat.


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Ok. I take back what I said about Reapers being shark-geese, because Stalkers fit the bill so much better.

1. Act intimidating, but can be beaten in a fight.
2. Pick stuff up in their mouths, including people's personal property.

Here they are. The pattern depicts a penguin, though it looks a bit strange without any eyes.

Pretty much everything below the head was stitched in the past few hours.

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