"They took our Christmas trees! They took our bathrooms! But they'll never take... our butter!"


Any resemblance to persons or groups real, metaphysical, noncorporeal, or otherwise are purely coincidental.

I'm amused by weird things, which makes me likely to check out links with high weird potential.

This one's so strange it even weirds me out: It appears to be a decrepit shrine to 50s/60s/70s/80s-era child actors, but with an active message board.

birdsite, liberal ""get out the vote"" bullshit, me yelling 

birdsite, liberal ""get out the vote"" bullshit, me yelling 

birdsite, liberal ""get out the vote"" bullshit, me yelling 

birdsite, liberal ""get out the vote"" bullshit, me yelling 

Jesus Christ. Apparently someone read this joke (various forms)...

Anarcho-syndicalist: "So now do you understand why supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses?"

Drive-thru worker: "Yes, but I still need to know if you want dipping sauce."

...and didn't realize it was a joke. 🤦


hysterically-bad political threats 😂 

@jacethechicken @comradetaylorswift German is what you get when all your friends have bad chest congestion.

@streetvalkyrie@radical.town I have *no* idea what you're talking about, we *never* convey opposite meanings by stressing certain syllables. 😉

@mtndudebro Congrats! 🎉🎊

(Last week, myself. Almost left with an Earl Thomas Salute to the toxic manager, but realized it wasn't worth it.)

Quit my job today. Boost to celebrate. 🎺

@2684x I fell in love with the thumbnail when I used it elsewhere, and it came up as "The Great Tit is the largest member of the Tit family..." 🙃

(which I disagree with, not that it's relevant 😏)

@Adoxographer@knzk.me Thank you for the first socially-relevant toot I've seen today.

@Pepsi@radical.town @goodleftyfundies Mastodon lewds: Because you can't have "wholesome" without holes.

I'm moving to the UK tomorrow to become an ornithologist.

Name another profession where you can get paid to look at great tits all day. twootz.com/bird/Great-Tit

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