"They took our Christmas trees! They took our bathrooms! But they'll never take... our butter!"


Any resemblance to persons or groups real, metaphysical, noncorporeal, or otherwise are purely coincidental.

I'm amused by weird things, which makes me likely to check out links with high weird potential.

This one's so strange it even weirds me out: It appears to be a decrepit shrine to 50s/60s/70s/80s-era child actors, but with an active message board.

hysterically-bad political threats 😂 

The only good thing I can think of to say about birdsite, by comparison to mastodon: You don't cease to exist five minutes after your last post.

"Sensationalist corporate media" is a mouthful.

Next time, just shorten it to "rage porn". 😒

Tired of being censored on birdsite for discussing political $#!+? Come to Mastodon and discuss literal $#!+.

Tfw you're not sure if someone is being 5th-level-meta satirical, or just hasn't been taking their meds:

Weird thoughts: If one believes the Bible, then technically isn't "lawyer" really the oldest profession?

300-character rant about idiot drivers, nsfw language 

Boost if you would vote for a Bernie Sanders / Grumpy Cat ticket.

I knew corporate media have no scruples, but I thought they could at least /fake/ doing their jobs.

Can anyone translate this headline to English? 🤔🤷

I've never quite understood anthropomorphizing ships as /women/. 🤔

You can't keep them in one place, the only thing keeping them afloat is the air they're full of, and they're chock-full of seamen looking to disembark at every port they encounter.

It's probably a good thing Othello didn't live in the age of social media.

/Not/ for Clinton fans. 

Not for McCain fans 

And it feeds directly into keeping the sociopaths in power.
1) Create two "sides".
2) Convince each side that the other is responsible for the crap you're doing to both of them.
3) Profit.

politics, rallies 

I'm absolutely down for dragging birdhellsite... but before we go too crazy bashing birds, please remember not all of them feather their nests with shredded accounts, or bomb💩 us with "promoted" propaganda. 😅

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