"They took our Christmas trees! They took our bathrooms! But they'll never take... our butter!"


Any resemblance to persons or groups real, metaphysical, noncorporeal, or otherwise are purely coincidental.

I'm amused by weird things, which makes me likely to check out links with high weird potential.

This one's so strange it even weirds me out: It appears to be a decrepit shrine to 50s/60s/70s/80s-era child actors, but with an active message board.

Jesus Christ. Apparently someone read this joke (various forms)...

Anarcho-syndicalist: "So now do you understand why supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses?"

Drive-thru worker: "Yes, but I still need to know if you want dipping sauce."

...and didn't realize it was a joke. 🤦


hysterically-bad political threats 😂 

Quit my job today. Boost to celebrate. 🎺

I'm moving to the UK tomorrow to become an ornithologist.

Name another profession where you can get paid to look at great tits all day. twootz.com/bird/Great-Tit

Poll: What do you do when someone who cursed you out on practically no provocation starts creating other accounts and following you with them? 🤔

(I have nothing against a good fuck, shit, or other epithets, to express general emotion. I think it takes on a different meaning when they're addressed AT people.)

They put the boy who STRANGLED another high school player back on the field after a half-game suspension, and did nothing about the other players targeting the victim.

Boys will be boys, after all.

Nowadays kids can be arrested for farting in class, and this wasn't worth investigating?
What. The. Hell.

Holy $#!+. Remember Elizabeth Lambert, the soccer player whose career was ended because the opposing team posted her yanking their player's hair (and it was fairly obvious they edited out their own fouls)?

No double standard here, folks. Move along.

@MySideIsHumanity Yeah. Guilt hurts, so when people feel guilty there's this reflex that makes them feel justified. It's sorta always important to try to sort out the guilty feelings from being sincerely hurt.

One thing that drives me nuts about the free speech crowd is how they want to debate you but only when they want to. It's like, "I just posted my opinion and you attacked me!" and it's like, bro, you're the one who wanted people to say whatever, whenever.

I just wish that George Lucas was honest and said hey, I wrote this thing, then I decided to tack on more story to it and that would be great instead of pretending he's JRR Tolkien or whatever

To watch the MLB playoffs on your /computer/, you have to pay them $25. Not terribly unreasonable. 🤔

You also have to subscribe to one of their approved cable channels, or sucks to be you. 🤷

"Sensationalist corporate media" is a mouthful.

Next time, just shorten it to "rage porn". 😒

My brother just sent me this, which is extremely My Jam.

Peak Australia, spiders 

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