let me get this straight. So every instance of Mastodon has a seperate account system? what happens if the one I'm on goes down? do I lose access to my account?

man, following users is SCREWY on this instance.

so, there's some work going into mashing Twitter and Mastodon together, and being able to use both networks through a single app, right? cause seriously, I want that.

@clownshoeninja No offence, but.. you Realise this thing's gonna be full of furry gay porn soon, right? just sayin!

Yeah, that Federated TImeliine thing isn't gonna get Ridiculously overblown fast... :)

And if you've seen some of the shit I post on my normal Twitter, YOU KNOW HOW DEPRAVED THAT SOUNDS.

So. Twitter 2: Elephant Boogaloo, huh? I can deal with this. and holy crap, FIVE HUNDRED CHARACTERS?! THAT'S A FUCKING NOVELLA


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