Lulu and are in the car trying to get warm. Been about 35 hours with no power and no water.

it is 3 degrees outside and we've had rolling blackouts across the state. This state, culture, and infrastructure are not built with the idea of surviving multiple days of hard freeze.

I also now have a Snow-pocalypse shopping list on Amazon, so that next time this happens the dog and myself are slightly more comfortable.

Can I just say that the @midsomerplots bot has got to be one of the best things ever. The bot seems to have stopped, but you can still see new plots at the web.

So there is 6-7 inches of powdery snow on the ground and Lulu, after first loving it, has decided that she must be carried now. She really is a warm weather dog.

Finally sitting down to watch . Why did I wait so long?

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Thieves of Experience: How Google and Facebook Corrupted Capitalism - The Age of Surveillance Capitalism Review via @artkavanagh 📚

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A local fencing instructor is found staked out with croquet hoops. Suspicion falls on Midsomer Mallow’s monk who strangely looks like Sir Thomas Mallory, angry that a ban on cheese toasties might threaten to publish spoilers for an upcoming episode of Eastenders.

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