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💥Worried About The State of Affairs In America?💥

Don't lose hope!
Get involved
We must Hold The House, Flip the Whitehouse, and

You can start by supporting the following challengers running in key states

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Please send me a DM for more info so you can get involved.

Here is what You will need:

📌To know how to make memes or want to learn how to make them
📌Interested in one or more Senate Races or flipping the Senate in general
📌And be Willing to work

@GlennGriffin8 @WisePaxCat @NatashaRomanova

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With the Presidential elections coming up, I dont want us to lose sight of the Senate races.

And I want us all to get involved. With that, I am inviting Those with meme building skills & those wanting to learn meme building skills to join me on my project
@IronMan2020 @GlennGriffin8 @WisePaxCat @NatashaRomanova

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Because of IA & NH, Bernie will probably come out with a small lead in delegates, but a massive loss in momentum, with no more Calis out there. Then next week, Biden will crush him in all these states and it’s all over except the pundit mea culpas. #SuperTuesday #ms

BREAKING: Harris County now coming in. Sanders lead instantly drops to 4/10s of
1 point in Texas.

#SuperTuesday #ms

#HeroesResist PSA for Wednesday, February 26th.


Many birdsite users are joining us here. We are actively recruiting more.

Many people who come here are avoiding that site or even deleting their accounts there.

If you post here on Mastodon, consider not posting links to birdsite or birdsite addresses.

A good chunk of users here can't or won't read them.

14 States, 1 Territory, and Democrats abroad will be voting!
40 percent of Americans can vote on Super Tuesday!

Make sure you and everyone you know is SuperReady to SuperVote!

#MondayMotivation from a great American. We cannot give up.

Civil Rights Icon and Democratic Rep. John Lewis: "We cannot give up now. We cannot give in. We'll just keep the faith. Keep our eyes on the prize. We must go out and vote like we never, ever voted before."

💥Incoming Transmission from
As always, keeping you Lads updated on what's coming up

If you see that something needs to be added to the March calender feel free to post in the replies or drop me a DM

@AgentCarter_SSR2020 @WisePaxCat @TywinResists @GlennGriffin8 @Porpentina2017

Hey all, I am interested in finding ways and means to attract more of "good twitter" to the Fediverse. Not only because of the fear of hostile takeover there, but also, well…just because it's just time.

Masto felt like the best thing to explore first. Please ask your friends who might be interested in that ambition to follow me so I can harvest their insights and ideas? TIA

#HeroesResist PSA for Thursday, February 27th:

If you want to help build a dynamic network here on Mastodon, please do boost content from others that you like.

One, it helps messages get seen and makes our efforts more visible. Two, it makes your own home timeline much more interesting to read to have others' information you like on it. Three, it will make others more inclined to boost you.

A must watch.

Maddow: Time For Warnings Is Past As Trump Openly Abuses Power | Rachel ... via @YouTube

The Sunday News show?

Should we just rename them,
'The GOP Outright Lie Sound-bite Shows'

Cover stories & blatant lies about released documents, & under oath testimony with little push-back?

We have truth in advertising laws.
Since they are selling Bullsh*t, that should apply.


So my challenge to you is to Adopt a Democrat Sen running for reelection

I also urge you to adopt a Dem who is challenging a GOP Senator running for reelection and keep up with what they are doing and place a mirror in front of them

It's up to us to save Democracy

@AgentCarter_SSR @Katniss @IronMan2020 @Porpentina2017 @JRHorsting @GlennGriffin8 @Thunderbirds511

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💥💥 1/2
At Midterms, many adopted Democratic Senators to save their seats

Though we only need 4 to blue, there are 12 Dem. spots open for re-election in 2020

Which means we must secure those 12 Democratic spots in addition to gaining 4 more

@AgentCarter_SSR @Katniss @IronMan2020 @Porpentina2017 @JRHorsting @GlennGriffin8 @Thunderbirds511

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Let that sink in.

We all know it.

Trump's kids & his actions confirm it.

Mueller knew it.

Putin admitted it.

Ukraine was about it.

Syria & Iran benefited it.

is helping it.

Trump asked for it, then denied & obstructed for it.

@MrScottLads2 @GlennGriffin8 @Thunderbirds511 @BuckyBarnes2020 @Aryakicksbutt @AgentCarter_SSR @1Spider_Man

I'm De-boosted & restricted beyond belief now.

People even DM'ed me about it.

My good followers are picking up the slack!

I'm glad we did this.

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