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i found the woods. no leaves here but. they’re still woods

have you guys heard of this game called minecraft? it's kinda like lego but a video game

If you get a big enough ball of hydrogen together eventually it'll turn into people

diarrhoea is short for Saint Diarrhoea’s Disease, the disease that Saint Diarrhoea famously died of, which is why they call it that

I’ve had all the major tick-borne illnesses and most of the minor ones. I was the only ehrlichiosis case they’d ever had.

I know it's fashionable and stuff to talk about how terrible social media is and how it's so bad for your mental health and etc etc.

But honestly, I'd feel a lot more lonely without it.

oh i just went past a billboard that said "smile today" but the font made it look like "snule today" and i had to read it like. 6 times before i figured it out

*steps out of time machine, breathless*

β€œI just...I just gave Freud a laptop...with access to Fetlife, Rule 34, and FA...”

*coworker scientist pulls cigar from mouth*

β€œMother of God...”

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