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I will post stream of consciousness threads I dont give a fuck

I’m moving instances, for the first time! Yippee! How do I DM my followers to let them know?

You’d think I’d know how to do that...

You really don’t appreciate good editing until you watch the original Star Wars with all the Jabba sex scenes left in

Please chime in if "your" "office" offers you free lunch because according to the New York Times it is "almost obligatory"

Food, fish 

One time I was cleaning out the fridge and there were all these essentially empty mustards. Like too many mustards. Like 7 or 8 mustards. And instead of throwing them out I combined the remnants into 1 super mustard. It was like a Voltron mustard. It was the best condiment we had. The perfect mustard. I’ve tried to recreate the formula but never gotten it just right. I’m like the guy who made captain America basically.

Just shuffle these in with the propane heater, it can heat a house 4 times the size of God, boopin galaxies


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