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Cart works well, I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without one! And the expanded steel shelf underneath is perfect for gloves and accessories

Ok, casters are welded on.

*Dorky public service announcement*

These casters are galvanized, do not weld galvanized steel unless you’re experienced and have taken every precaution.

Zinc is toxic and can kill in minutes, and it nearly put me in the hospital when I was in high school.

Ok, the expanded mesh wasn’t as hard to weld as I remember!

Nice and sturdy, I jumped up and down on it a bit, and it didn’t budge.

The top and the bottom of the cart, I think I might do expanded mesh for the bottom...but it’s such a pain in the butt to weld!

Time to fire up the welder. Making a cart for my welder, which I’ve needed for 15 years but I’ve never made.

@MrRobinHood Is this back when people still thought giant spaceguns was going to be the way to get into space?

just referred to the basin of the toilet as the 'meat' of the toilet and my gf is appalled for some reason

Captain's log, stardate 41153.7

β€œThere’s another fucking spacecat”

thanks for reading my self indulgent toots yall

it owns that i can just post about whatever thing i care about and not have to worry about being bodychecked with β€œactually” and β€œprovide proof” and β€œeducate me” and β€œyou are loving the things in life that make you happy all the heck Wrong”

yall are sweet and make me feel safe and warm. :ms_opossum:

My mom said the planets are shifting so I can’t go out sorry

Why do they call em monstertrucks instead of MacroMachines

I just heard someone say β€œfascist ham sandwich” into their phone as they walked by. I’ve never needed context more in my life.

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I know money can’t buy happiness,

and Christmas is just a soulless cash-grab

But my SO is just so ridiculously happy with the Switch I just bought them

And I can’t stop smiling

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