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I've missed your song over at the birdcage. Things are so noisy and so much conflict there, I've been lying low for a while. Hoping it will be more comfortable here. Thanks for the welcome!

This is the most important election in our lifetime

There is no room for nit picking & getting upset because your favorite dropped out or is at 1%

To & save America from Authoritarianism, we MUST

When more than 1100 former Justice Dept. officials from both parties are calling for the Attorney General of the United States to step down, for cause, the Attorney General of the United States should step down.



πŸ’₯Worried About The State of Affairs In America?πŸ’₯

Don't lose hope!
Get involved
We must Hold The House, Flip the Whitehouse, and

You can start by supporting the following challengers running in key states


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