hahahahahah ahahahaha HAHAHAHAHA

my goal is to have a sharpness 5 sword, fortune 3 pickaxe, and all protection 3 armor (4 would be going too far)

Guys I legit don't know why this is happening please help

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Seriously I despise when game devs and companies make up fake games that people would WANT to play only to reveal “April Fools!!”.

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im sad that this tweet didnt end up pissing off anyone

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rumor, my ASS is confirmed for switch

ha gotem

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Eurogamer confirms the VGC report and says that Super Mario Galaxy is coming to Switch alongside "other 3D Mario favourites"

New Paper Mario re-confirmed; Super Mario 3D World receives a Deluxe version with new levels


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im at a point where this is the best way to use game maker studio 1.4...... 🤮

i love it when the walls are so shiny that they are reflecting the fucking HUD

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this legit looks like a parody thing id make

actually no, id be more subtle about it, id think that if i went this far everyone would get that it's a joke

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Today I've decided to cancel all mods, hacks, and other similar projects for every single Sonic the Hedgehog game.

If you were working on a Sonic mod then I'm sorry, I guess you have to scrap it.

"bro ultimate looks so unsaturated it has no colors" shut up

ultimate has different colored lighting and color balance for every stage, while for smash 4 it's far less dynamic, so it really depends on the stage

(the last screenshot is from smash 4)

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