North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has issued a #stayathome order beginning Monday at 5pm but wants people to comply sooner if possible. My county issued an order already. (I’ve been complying for close to two weeks because of anxiety.) #covid19

Last Friday GM said it would partner with Ventec to make ventilators.

Earlier this week, Ford made a similar announcement of partnership with 3M to produce respirators. Work has been proceeding all along on all this entirely without him. 

Now he's making it sound like whatever they're doing will be at his direction. If they succeed, he will try and take credit.

What a complete and utter failure he is as a president and as a person.

Trump invokes Defense Production Act

Trump’s narcissism and ego have brought us here. He convinced himself he knows more than the generals, more than the economists, more than the epidemiologists. 

Trump was so focused on propping up his shaky economy that everything else was secondary.

U.S. intelligence reports from January and February warned about a likely pandemic:

Abortion is an essential health service.

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU will undoubtedly battle this.


Democratic party's campaign slogan: "Yeah, We Told You So"

If you have not voted in your state's primary yet, here are some things you can do:

See if you can vote early. Fewer people at an early voting site means less exposure to germs.

See if you have no-excuse absentee voting or vote by mail and request your ballot now.

If your best option is to vote in person, please still vote on your primary day. Stay a meter (39 inches) away from others and wash your hands after you touch the screen, marker, pen, or anything else that doesn't belong to you.

COVID-19 is the storm that rips the roof off every flaw and weakness in American society.

Only privileged people can afford to spend a couple of weeks, let alone a month, not working.

Look at regular workers; no work, no pay.

See stuck employees who still have a job but no child care when the schools close.

See a chaotic health system to which Trump dealt a mortal blow when he killed mandated coverage.

This catastrophe is Trump's but it goes so much deeper.

Today’s GOP talking point is that it’s perfectly fine to shake hands with people and take your chances. Kind of like having sex without protection and then making the woman pay the price. Except this time it is our parents and kids at risk.

As we see spikes in covid 19 "new cases" don't forget the tests are just now realky rolling out too. Until the pros get more data, it may be hard to tell if there is spread or we are just now able to identify what was already there. So stay frosty. And wash your hands.

A whole heck of a lot of accounts just followed my invite here from the birdsite (Twitter) - too many to tag right now, but I will.

So glad to see more people here!

To start off, I recommend getting an app to use the site since it doesn't have it's own.

Some are:
IOS: Toot!, Amaroq, and Tootle
Android: Fedilab, Tusky, and Subway Tooter
Web browser: Whalebird

And here are more:

Then add a pic and a bio and go to the home button.

So Pence said he and Trump won’t stop shaking hands 🙄 This is such a simple way to lead by example but of course they won’t.

So, this is going on while people (Sanders supporters/bots) are arguing with me at the other site that Russian interference is a made-up thing and that Dem Exit is real:

An unqualified "acting" DNI is refusing to meet with Congress about Russian efforts to undermine US elections because it might upset Russia's Agent Orange. (Who, by the way, is likely the chief beneficiary of said Russian efforts.)

Ask yourself why Russia is anti-Biden and was anti-Hillary.

Things that everyone in this country should support but don't:

Adequate paid sick leave, safety net progarms, and unions.

Analysis | Our lack of paid sick leave will make the coronavirus worse-

Can someone tell me how to view toots as nested? Finding it hard to find the start of conversations. TIA

Good morning. Find a Democratic candidate who is trying to replace a Republican today. Find a few.

Sign up to help a campaign.


Volunteer to make calls to get out the vote.

Volunteer to write postcards and letters to potential voters.

Volunteer to knock on doors.

Help others register to vote and check their own registration.

Volunteer to drive others to the polls.

You'll feel better and you'll be doing something to build the 2020 #BlueWave

#HeroesResist public service announcement:

For anyone new to political discourse, when discussing, making graphics for, or otherwise promoting the Democratic Party, please do not use the terms "Democrat Party," "Democrat President," "Democrat Senator," etc.

It's been co-opted by Republicans as an insult for quite some time. Nobody should use the term and I won't boost anything that includes it.

Vote for Democrats. Support the Democratic party.

No matter who the nominee is, they will be painted by the opposition as some scary thing or another. Socialist is 2020's emails right now. Like Hunter was for Biden just a couple of weeks ago. If another frontrunner emerges, they'll dig up some other lie.

I'm not letting it stop me. Nor should anyone.

Here's another take on the same there. Bloomberg is not the answer to what Trumpism is doing to the country. He doesn't care about the things that Democrats care about.

No one without ambition and ego runs for president. (Maybe not since George Washington, if you read the Retropolis article yesterday). But Bloomberg is in it all for Bloomberg.

He wouldn't be as bad as Trump. But we're Democrats. We can do better. We have better choices running now.

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