That's right. I decided to start my own server. The only problem is, the federated timeline is empty until people follow me. It's like I've created my own Xanadu.

So, to make me feel better, feel free to follow my new account:


I'm going to the State Fair today. I don't want to go, but my kids begged me. I hate the Fair, it's crowded, hot, and smells like rotting trash. It's the closest thing to hell that man's created.

God help me

Just ordered a VERY specific school planner for my daughter after an emergency call at 11am.

Because that's what divorced dads do... spoil their kids... then curl up in a ball afterwards and drink heavily

Jesus. Starting your own Mastodon server is the most horrible thing in the world

If you're going to start a company with a vision for success, you better have that discussion at 'Old Chicago' over pork wings or you're going to have a crappy origin story to tell your employees.

I'd go so far as to office out of Old Chicago for the first 5 years just to solidify that.

Lookie that, I finally got a friend to come over:

Since we have a random day of fall weather before the next heat wave, I snuck out of work to watch 'Rampage' with my daughter in blankets on the couch

My dad got on and found out we have a relative that was the sheriff of York.

Which is all I can think of. That his ghost stands next to me while I'm on the toilet with my laptop.

I'm not even trying to be reasonable about why I randomly decide to work from home.

Today's excuse? I have "the runs"

karaoke in a tiny place, but they still have a big screen so you can see the people singing.

What the heck

My friend just got back from Rome and won't shut up about it.

IM the Roman history nerd. The trip was wasted on him

Old Chicago has a rewards program where you basically get $5 or more of every meal. And after 2 visits you get things like a shirt or a hat.

I should be happy, but I'm so used to being treated like crap by other companies that it feels a little too "thirsty".

All the people in my apartment complex must think I'm a successful entrepreneur since I've barely been at work all this week.

Either that or I'm running a workers comp scam.

Watching the "looming tower"with my 13yr old daughter. She's asking me questions about what it was like on 9/11.

Now I know what it must have felt like for my dad when I asked questions about Kennedy's assassination, or the Cuba missile crisis.

Really, really old

I sorta want to see if I could set up my own instance... and go out of my way to keep people from joining.

Just so I can have my own island that I'm shouting from and everyone wonders "what's with that guy?"

Now the two middle aged men who were drunk-texting me on their convention trip are calling me from the car.

What hormones were being slipped into their soft serve that turned them needy tweens?

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