"Lazy Sunday" is just an excuse I use for not feeling bad about waking up at 1pm and not going out all day 🤔

Hm, my app suddenly got translated in French ? But I liked it in English... Any option to change that ?

Having a glass of wine while showering is probably the key to happiness

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ps “meritocracy” was a term coined by Michael Young in a satire that demolishes the fact that if you select the ruling classes based on “merit” (he used the term “IQ + effort” as his criteria, but it could be anything innate and extrinsic) what you'll get is a bunch of entitled assholes who'll stop at nothing to reward themselves at the expense of others. sound familiar?

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Happy Cosmonautics Day everyone! Today is 56 years since Yuri Gagarin flew in space.

Would it be possible to give the link to a completely private toot, and seeing it once clicking on it ? 🤔

It would allow to do some long toots about a specific topic and then make private toots giving the sources or additional documentation for whoever is interested without taking space in people's TL

*be me*
*wake up*
"Ugh I need coffee"
*Get coffee, breakfast, morning things"
"I will just chill in my bed for a bit"
*end up taking a nap 2h after waking up*
*wake up again*
"Ugh I need coffee"

I'm so good at adulting

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(Humour, blague, et chocolat 🙊)

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Wow, both the local and the federated timeline have gotten much more rapid.

Main problem: I can't read any of the languages.

Good night, fellow Mastonautes

Japanese buddies, it appears that we are on the same timezone, so I hope we will all get along (´ω`*)

(Is it how you do it ? Was it a good emoticon to initiate first contact ? God, so many questions unanswered)

Honestly, I don't mind NSFW bots, I do enjoy having them in my TL from time to time
What I do find unpleasant is when these bots post 10 thousands pics in one minute.
It's like, kind of overwhelming

(cc @NSFW_Fr )

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I'll give the French one thing, we gave each other stupid nicknames like Mastobaters and tootsiepoops but they came up with Mastonauts, which is actually cool and a word you can say to your grandparents

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Musique pour le moment où Masto passe de l'anglais au français:

"Il est 5 heures, Paris se lève…"

I find it extremely funny when a followbot follows another followbot
Follow-ception 🐘

My federated Timeline strangely became more readable than my Local TL, since the overall number of english speaking users is still higher than the one of japanese speaking ones

Ok wait, the whole japanese thing was fun, but at this point the ratio is 8/10 posts.
The need of a language filter is an emergency

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