decided I like this old sketch enough to pimp it up and make a print as well!

#art #mastoart #dragonage


Starry night
Beautiful collaboration of Milky way and Orion

Photographed by Takashi

#tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #Japan #Photo #写真 #日本 #mastodon #マストドン #Photograph #Photography

Grove music dead, Cortana dead, Kinect dead, W10 update with issues. MS is doing good.

Hahah, movie made by Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration about refugees quarantined on YT :D

Hello! I’m Hanna Schroy an illustrator, cartoonist and storyboard artist from North TX! I love video games and comics and good food ❤️❤️



Some concept art for a project I'm working on, this was originally posted on my Patreon~

#mastoART #creativetoots

Finally I got a list of hash tags from . 😄
Now all the program needs to do is to to count them. 🙂

#python #programming #hash_tag_counter

Been trying to get back to zbrush! So, some wip of the sculpt I've been working on. Hopefully finishing this in the future !
#3Dart #mastoart #3D #original #digitalart #wip #creativetoot

Dear photographers on . I'm looking for a dslr camera for , which is not too expensive but might provide satisfactory quality. I'm thinking about Nikon D3200, or Sony SLT-A58? Any ideas?

There have been several changes made since my last visit on @mastodon. That's great people found alternative platform for mainstream social media.

Rare Colour Photographs Of Nazi Germany Official Ceremonies (20 photos)

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