Watch this video and watch Akuma Miki destory Flappy Birds and all it's clone.

It's great going toy shopping and finding all 6 Peanut cars for @Hot_Wheels Thursday. [vid]

Actually Title:
Hot Wheels Thursday 33:

Alternative titles.
Police kills man for opening car.
Racist attacks over car collection.
Toy Section fight at Walmart.
Kid kills parent over of 99 cent toy.

Good Morning everyone. It's +Hot Wheels Thursday on The Miki Show. Check out the haul I found, while hop from store to store in 103 degree summertime heat. Yes that right, it was hot, while shopping for Hot Wheels. Just click the photo below and enjoy. Comment below letting me know which one was your favorite of the bunch!

Video Link:

Bike Club Wheelie vs Epic Little War on Today's @TheMikiShow with @mikiariyama powered by @DailymotionUSA [link]

Ok Golf vs Her Majesty's vs Zombie Gunship Survival on @themikishow powered by @DailymotionUSA @dgames Watch:

Today on The MIki Show we are featuring: Stickman Skate Battle vs Arkanoid vs Space Invaders vs Iron Blade for your mobile device. Here is the link:

Now who does not like a beat up, pink car! Check out what we have on Today's Hotwheels Thursday:

Arena vs Gladiator vs Injustice mobile games on Today's The Miki Show. Check it out and let me know what you think.


It's @Hot_Wheels Thursday on The Miki Show and I have cool have cool one. Check out the video here

Just in case you did not know. When I take these guys out of the box, it's my first time touching, moving, and getting a real hands on experience with the figures. On that note, check out today's Marvel Select Colossus figure. Wooo Hooo.


Did mastodon die a quick death? What happened to all the excitement. Did you go back to twitter?

It's HotWheels Thursday with more Star Wars cars. Watch it here: It's Day and Toys everyday around this part of the universe. While they are buying makeup, I'm buying action figures that are not tested on animals

Off to the gym then off to get my skin painted: GREEN!
She Hulk Video:

Ooh my gosh there is not save point in this game. If I get to the top and die I start from the bottom. How is that fair?

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Titan Hero just in time for here's the link: Now go enjoy and stop tooting all over the place.

May 4th landed on @Hot_Wheels Thursday with @mikiariyama check out these Hot Star Wars Cars.[VIDEO]

Now reading: Black Bolt #1 and Secret Empire #1 Let's see what these are all about.

It's Cannon Land Family Let play on today's The Miki Show. Watch my pain or embrace my tenacity.

I have avoided all talk, trailers, reviews, commercial, sneak peaks. I'm so hype to see GOTG Vol 2. It's going to fantastic.

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