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This Name is Dead @Meshelly

In case y'all didn't hear, the Girl Scouts of America are now starting to give out Cyber security badges out that girls can earn while they learn to be the next best thing in tech.
Fuck yeah girls scouts.

@Meshelly do you have more information? (like a link) sound awesome!

Give me one sec, and I'll shoot it your way! @bram

@Meshelly I am so happy to see small positive changes like this in the world today. Meanwhile the Boy Scouts are doing leaf rubbings this week.

The boy scouts aren't actually affiliated with the girl scouts. The boy scouts are more religious based. I ❤ the girl scouts, hopefully the people in charge of the boy scouts will stop their various douchebaggeries. @LibraryCat

@Meshelly Agreed, I can't support the Boy Scouts because of their beliefs and indoctrination. Girl Scouts are a much better organization as evidenced by forward looking goals like this. + Plus Cookies!

You can't go wrong with cookies honestly. @LibraryCat

@Meshelly Well you might regret it the morning but probably only because they are gone.

I have a secret (okay not so secret) way to get Girl Scout cookie knock-offs that taste EXACTLY like Girl Scout cookies. The only catch is you have to live near an Aldi grocery store. @LibraryCat

They have a version of the peanut butter cookies, the Samoas, and thin mints that are all spot on. Also, they are about 1/2 the price of actual girl scout cookies. @LibraryCat

@Meshelly I don't mind supporting Girl Scouts but there is the off season. In Thin Mint withdrawal right now if I am honest.

Aldi. It's like a magical wonderland tbh @LibraryCat

I was pretty excited that they're making this type of move as well! @jason_the_concurror

They are amazing, and I'm so impressed with how they are forging a future for these girls. @viTekiM

@Meshelly For sure!

BTW My wife is a troop leader. I told her about the cyber security badge so we can take a look at it for her troop.

Nice! Your wife is awesome! Big hugs to her for empowering the next generation of kick ass women!!!! 😍 @viTekiM