The enshittification lifecycle of online platforms, which happens as the likes of FB, Amazon, or TikTok shift their focus from users to suppliers to shareholders – and then the "platform becomes a useless pile of shit".

there's this (dumb) trope that innately good programmers are people that did a lot of talking things apart as a child (the "tinkerer/hacker" archetype), but I think the real ones are all the knitting girlies, who have already grown accustomed to having to rip out 8 hours of meticulous work because of an off-by-one error

Where did we go wrong that the 1971 JVC Video Capsule would never be made today.

Edward Tian, 22, created GPTZero in response to the wildly successful AI content generating app ChatGPT, to give people a way to ascertain whether writing samples were produced by humans or bots.

One reason why I used to like #Twitter more than any other social network was the fact that I could use it as a news aggregator, with the amazing #Twitterrific Mac and iOS app making it a breeze to check my timeline. Well, we all know what happened to all the Twitter clients, and so it was time for me to say goodbye to the platform and start paying more attention to posts on here. A week later, I do feel much more at home, my timeline still isn’t as active but the content does seem better.

The spread of COVID-19 misinformation in Canada cost at least 2,800 lives and $300 million in hospital expenses over nine months, according to estimates in a new report.

"Frog Goggles" was not the answer my husband was expecting when I said I was going to be using the printer today.
@3Dprinting #UseYourHandspun #FrogKnitting #knitting #Spinning #YarnSpinning #crochet

Every major media outlet in the world is going to cover Meta's decision to allow Trump back onto Facebook and Instagram.

Almost none of them have covered the systematic censorship that Arab and Muslim folks, sex workers, and trans activists face on those same platforms.

Almost none of them will cover the ways platforms bending to the will of authoritarian governments abroad.

By letting Trump make himself the center of attention, we’re utterly failing those most impacted.

@joelle @bert_hubert When you answer those captcha about traffic lights and zebra crossings you're actually driving someone's Tesla.

Some really nice, spare, simple work amongst the winners of the Minimalist Photography Awards for 2022.

Here’s what the quote-post looks like on my end. I know not everyone like quote-posts, but this looks good to me. Though it takes up a lot of screen space. Would appreciate the quoted post being abbreviated, w/a “show more” click through. @icecubesapp

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Along with 4 wonderful Canadians, I am honoured to be chosen as a CBC Canada Reads 2023 panelist. I will be championing the book Hotline by Montreal based author Dimitri Nasrallah.

The Williams Lake First Nation has announced 66 more potential burial sites have been identified on the grounds of St. Joseph's Mission Residential School in B.C.

Which social media platform do you use the most?

Please reblog for larger sample.

An Edmonton Sobeys has launched a slow check-out lane after they discovered some people enjoy chatting with the cashier while paying for their groceries.

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