A League of Their Own is a superhero movie, change my mind.

So you're telling me that cylons are biologically indistinguishable from humans, but also somehow able to interface with a computer by jamming a cable in their arms? Yeah, ok bud.

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Is there anything that more clearly shows how bad a person you are than reacting to a message that we need to stop tolerating badness as if it were a personal attack?


How did I end up with so much peanut butter on me?

I just want you all to know how disappointed I am in you that a few months ago we were all joking about Luigi dying, but I never saw a single "La-ouija Board" joke. We all need to do better, team.

Tidying Up is so good because it subverts the capitalistic notion that the value of objects corresponds directly to the money it's worth. Also as I'm watching I'm realizing there's almost no white people in it. Netflix is really killing it lately!

So, as someone who flies on a plane about 6 times a month, should I be concerned about the fact that air traffic controllers are all probably stopping coming to work this week? Probably nah, right?

@mattherron @Louisa in her defense, not taking responsibility for your wrongdoing is a *very* British thing

Dude I was sharing a ride to the airport with showed up 45 minutes early, while I was still asleep, which is extremely cool and not the kind of thing I have panic dreams about.

I didn't win any company awards, but I *did* win going to bed at 8:30 pm, which is the real victory.

Is it possible that hell already exists on earth and is called "a work retreat on Bourbon Street"? Asking for a friend who really doesn't want to watch a drunken VP of his company negotiate with a sex worker.

@Louisa happy 3 year podcast anniversary THIS VERY DAY to my Seeing Red(dit) cohosts @jk and @mattherron

It turns out that yoga is Pretty Good™, but I don't know if any sport that requires "no judgement" is for me. I have to play to my strengths, after all.

We're all having a lot of fun here, but we should definitely impeach that motherfucker, though, right?

Please enjoy the latest episode of my podcast, and how disappointed we are that our random subreddit selection has nothing to do with Legend of Zelda, but you know that won't even slow us down


Feeling pretty exceptionally terrible today because if the impending rain storm. Nature has fucked with mankind for the last time! *lights two bags of charcoal on porch* Take that you fuck! *Dies of headache*

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