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Did you know? Pumpkin pie became a popular dish during Civil War-era Thanksgiving celebrations because pumpkins were grown on small farms, not plantations, making the pie a symbol of abolitionist virtue.

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It’s Thanksgiving and my family is already arguing—about methodology, experimental design, and how heckin hard it is to prove causality so should that really be the threshold for pragmatic guidance etc.

If we’re going to really get into it over the holiday, at least it’s about science! 😂

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So, don't tell anybody, but we're going to announce Palm Pilot emulation in the browser at Internet Archive in the next week or so. I've still got to get descriptions in for the hundreds of apps that are uploaded, and add a few more classics. But if you want to help with that, or just let me know how it's going, ping me here.

But don't tell anybody! It's a secret!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, and have a lovely Thursday to everyone else! :)

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The answer to the question, “how do you make friends as an adult?” is to ask people to pretend to be an elf or a wizard with you

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Researchers have estimated that if we still had a federal assault weapons ban, we would see 70% fewer mass shooting deaths.


Reinstating it should be a no-brainer.

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For a long time, when I'd read a comic with Lex Luthor in it, and he'd be... I dunno, conspiring with a guy who's super power is that he is mediocre at riddles, and maybe Solomon Grundy or someone like that, in order to launch their army of poison turtles into Metropolis, I'd scoff and say, "it's unrealistic that the world's richest man would waste his time and money on something that's only going to showcase to the world how incompetent he is."

I owe DC comics an apology.

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"Please," said the man, "can you do magic to make me be kind?"
"No," said the witch. "Magic cannot change anyone's nature."
"So there is no hope for me?"
"You ask the wrong question. Kind is not something you are. It is what you do."
"Is it that simple?"
"It is that hard."
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

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From a friend on the ground in Colorado Springs:

"The Club Q (the site of the murders) had planned to host a 'Friendsgiving' dinner this Thursday for all the folks who don’t have family that love them. If they go ahead, the one way we can help them is by donating food."


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Is Mark Hamill here yet? Because that would be super cool.

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No matter what, I've found a home on #Mastodon. On the Birdsite, I let myself flatten into the smoothed-out, no-sharp-corners, Branded Promotional Me. I convinced myself that there was only one side of me anyone was interested in seeing. You wanna contain multitudes? Make a separate account.

But this place has fascinating people across a zillion fields and thriving communities who share my niche interests.

It has mature tooling to stay safe and a culture that values access.

I'm here to stay.

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Homophobic media rhetoric about the Colorado nightclub shooting 

Aug: "someone needs to do something about these perverted drag artists grooming our children"

Sept: "someone needs to do something about these perverted drag artists taking over our spaces"

Oct: "someone needs to do something about these perverted drag artists spreading gayness"

Nov: "the massacre at the drag night was an utter tragedy but we mustn't politicise it. thoughts and prayers."


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Real long aggregation of Mastodon etiquette for birdsite expats 

Some Mastodon thoughts, for bird-site expats (which include myself). I'm aggregating these from posts I've boosted before, so little of this is my own brain.

- There's no algorithm here. That means favoriting/liking doesn't do anything except communicate approval to the OP and others (which is still nice!).

- No algorithm means boosting ("retweeting") is the true method to increase a post's visibility. Do that more than you did on birdsite.

- There's no post-quoting here, and that's by design. Look at quote-tweets on the birdsite; it's a feature primarily used for toxicity.

- There's no direct word-search here either; that means you want to use hashtags to make posts more searchable. This is also intended, since word-searching posts was often used to harass/stalk on the birdsite and elsewhere, so that was left by the wayside here. This also means hashtags are much more a thing here than any of the algorithm-powered sites.

- It's encouraged to put in text descriptions when you post images; a lot of Mastodon users use screen-readers due to various disabilities, and getting an image description read out loud helps them immensely.

- Speaking of screen-readers: using capitalization in your hashtags allows the screen-readers to read them more easily, especially if you're smashing multiple words together. #rockmusic = unreadable. #RockMusic = readable.

- The best way to make threads is to make set your first post as public, but "unlist" all of your replies. This prevents your whole thread from clogging up feeds.

- Content Warnings should be used more liberally here. If you haven't gotten the impression yet, much of Mastodon was built and populated by marginalized groups who were harassed/bullied off of other platforms. This is the culture they built, to respect each other's mental health. It's not a rule, but it's well-appreciated.

- Consider chipping a few bucks towards whomever runs the server you're on; the strain is real, and most server admins were likely paying out of pocket before so don't have an existing donation base. The growth here has been extremely fast, and that means money's needed.

- DMs are just posts with privacy settings. So if you @ someone in a DM, you pull them into the thread. That could be embarrassing.

- Also, no, DMs aren't end-to-end encrypted, but they aren't on Twitter either. Don't use either if you want true privacy.

- Including your Mastodon handle in your birdsite profile will help people find you here; there's a tool ( is one of them that's used) people can use to pull Mastodon handles from Twitter profile.

- Use the blocking and reporting features liberally, if needed. This should go without saying, but they work, and work well!

- If there's an entire Mastodon server you don't want to hear from, you can block the whole thing too.

- Preferences -> Appearance -> "Slow Mode": this can make larger "Local" feeds and any "Federated" feed much more readable.

I'll reply with some more as I see them, or reply here too. I've only been here 4 days but I'm loving it so far.

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Siesta - a painting inspired by a photo my mum took in Greece and which will be part of a future cat calendar :artblackcat:

#DigitalArt #MastoArt #CatArt #Illustration

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