Running iOS 14 and this is the first time I felt the GM was buggier than the beta.

Dirty air…
Worst than what you see in the science fiction movies about a future distopia.

This book just came in. I’m hoping to use it as my first book entry for

I disconnected my twitter account from because I want to start filling this with podcasts and more videoes.

Today, I’m going to spend a lot of time going through my own documents and knocking off some todo items.

Horrible day.

It could be sooooo much worse but s#!+ today really sucks.

I’ve been very negligent in the last couple weeks and now I’ve got 36 items in my todo box and an unknown amount of things in my email inbox.

Taking a moment to center myself and avoid my normal pattern of negative talk and just seeing what I can do to make the situation better.

My daughter looked at the console while playing Minecraft and I was impressed that she was able to understand it so quickly.

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