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One election won't fix everything, but winning this one for Democrats and Independents across the country is a must to have a hope of fixing anything. We have 35 days. #Vote

✅ Register to vote
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ℹ️ Voter Guides: Everything you need to know about mail-in and early in-person voting in every state, including the first day you can cast your ballot in the 2020 election- (projects.fivethirtyeight.com/h / washingtonpost.com/elections/2 / nbcnews.com/specials/plan-your / betterknowaballot.com/)

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So happy Nitty and his crew survived their trip.

Nitty and his crew were harassed by the police, called names and spat on just for walking THROUGH "Trump's America" much less buying a house or looking for a job! Fortunately, they met better people, too. :blacklivesmatter:

The Washington Post: 25-day walk to D.C. brings racism, arrests and a sense of urgency for March on Washington activists:

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An unhinged, racist, conspiracy theory believing hardcore right-wing kook, also known as a mainstream Republican now, is on her way to Congress.

Maybe they're be some "outrage" from a few Republican leaders but this is who you are now: the party of racists, tin-foil hatters, and religious extremists.

And no, #BothPartiesAreNotTheSame :voteblue2:

QAnon supporter, with Georgia primary victory, is poised to bring far-right conspiracy theory to Congress:

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@TonyStark Once the evangelicals got involved with the GOP, it was only a matter of time. They showed up already primed for the cult mentality and with a loose grip on reality. The moderate Republicans drifted away and let the worst members of the party take over, and those who were left recruited more like themselves.

I know I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know, but #BothPartiesAreNotTheSame. :voteblue2: :bh2020:

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The Republicans in America have come to represent nonsense conspiracy theories and Russian propaganda. 

I've had enough. #VoteBlue

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@TonyStark If the Republicans had any sense, they wouldn’t take her in their caucus, but as you said, this is their mainstream now. #BothPartiesAreNotTheSame

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I love this quote from Senator Kaine:

"Sen. Kaine: “Those of us who care about Kamala and about 2020 being the centennial of women getting the right to vote — we got to have her back — and try to put a stake through the heart of misogyny and the double standard.""


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The citizens of Florida should call for his immediate removal. He is endangering the lives of all the people of the state and those in uniform under his command and is openly violating his sworn oath to protect the safety of the public.

Florida sheriff orders deputies not to wear masks, bans civilians in masks from office


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@SteveRogers I declined to buy what I went for today in a big box store in my state with a mask requirement because multiple employees and customers were not wearing them at all. I've seen someone here or there with a mask not covering their nose or the sneaky person who took it off in Trader Joe's, but this was something else. I'm glad it was a place where I could choose not to do business and not a government service I might need.

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Democrats in the House approved their plan months ago and Mitch and his gang in the Senate stalled and did nothing.

This White House has no intention of giving people the relief they desperately need. We can arrange for a different one in 82 days.
#BidenHarris2020 :bidenharris:

Mnuchin’s latest overture to Pelosi goes nowhere and relief talks stall again -

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My activism includes action and I hope that yours does, too.

Sign up to help one of my favorite organizations, Swing Left, one that's been very successful flipping seats across the country, get Democrat Sara Gideon elected to the Senate in Maine.

There are 8000 voters we can help register just by calling and writing. Sign up! #FlipTheSenateBlue #BlueWaveAction

Say Bye-Bye Susan Collins - Help Register New Maine Dems · Swing Left Maine:

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Kamala Harris can be an inspiration to everyone who ever grew up with society expecting them to accept less than full and equal treatment. :bh2020:

When she was growing up, if she felt upset about something, her mother used to ask her, "What are you going to do about it?" I keep replaying that part of the video in my head. What a great mom she had. The way she raised her daughters is one of the reasons Kamala is ready to lead. #BidenHarris


This is of little importance, but I have had nothing but trouble with iPhone Mastadon apps.

Tootle wasn’t working, now it is. Toot! erases my boosts all of the time. Amaroq logs me out constantly. My phone isn’t new, but shouldn’t they work?

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