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Almost 70% of @homeassistant users run our Home Assistant OS. This allows them to focus on their home instead of being a sys admin. Updates can be installed with a single button from the UI, with automatic rollback if the update doesn't work.

We see this reflected in the adoption rate of new versions:

(graph from our opt-in analytics @

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The never-ending “Background Items Added" pop-up for an item I already disabled or already know about is the most annoying part of Ventura after the new System Settings design.

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Quick #macOS tip:

You can drag your windows from anywhere (and not just their title bar), holding control+CMD (`⌃`+`⌘` ). It's a built-in feature, it's just disabled by default. This is the terminal command to enable it (minus backticks):

`defaults write -g NSWindowShouldDragOnGesture -bool true`

Log out and in again afterwards. To disable it, set the boolean to `false` again.

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I'm also glad so many of you enjoyed The Talk Show episode. As I remarked to a friend afterwards, it really helped me realize how a couple shitty weeks are completely overshadowed by 16 years of getting to do something I love and be a part of something that literally changed our world.

So thanks for the three hour therapy session, @gruber.

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Here’s a tip for all you #Ivory users:

You can drag the compose button to ANY corner! That’s right. Just tap, hold, drag.

For lefties like myself, having it on the left side makes all the difference.

@ivory is a great service: just follow and you’ll get any new tweets from that account right in your Mastodon feed. Very handy to keep following interesting people still over there

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Ok, so.

Tweets look really good when you send them in Messages on iOS/macOS. Mastodon posts… don’t. So I built a little tool that makes them much nicer to look at:

Add ?to={any Mastodon post URL} to the end of that domain and when you send it to a friend, you get the nice looking preview. Of course the page makes it easy to paste a URL in. And there’s a Shortcut to make it even easier on iOS or macOS.

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Tip del giorno: come visualizzare le n righe prima (o dopo) quando si esegue una grep.

#bash #devlife

I never noticed polls were available. Did you?

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I am very excited to announce that after almost four and a half years of development, Tusker is now available on the App Store!

(boosts appreciated!)
3 screenshots of Tusker, showin…
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The best EV ad I've seen.
Seriously, if EVs had been first to capture the car market, people would have laughed at the ICE.

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Magari un giorno li proverò ricredendomi, ma posso dire che dei visori Apple (o anche quelli di Meta e degli altri) e più in generale del metaverso non mi importa granché?

Sento di avere già abbastanza modi per alienarmi dalla realtà quando voglio, senza necessità di indossare catafalchi.

Esistono specifici casi d'uso in cui sono convinto che i visori prenderanno piede (essendo già stati provati, ad esempio medicina da remoto o demo vendita in VR), ma resto scettico su un'ampia presa.

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Cannot reiterate this enough:

PLEASE don’t request refunds from Apple for any unused time on your Twitterrific or Tweetbot subscriptions.

It could literally bankrupt small shops like these.

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Slowly but surely, I’m checking twitter less and less. Turning off 3rd-party clients was a real boost to help me kick the habit. Such a jerk move.


Wyoming SJ0004 – Phasing out new electric vehicle sales by 2035

Today, unfortunately, I witnessed an accident between a car and a scooter (broken leg, I think), and I called an ambulance. On the bright side, I got to direct traffic, I felt really powerful 😂

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I have literally no idea how people can use the official Twitter app, now that I tried it (after them silently breaking 3rd party apps).

I am not complaining about the quality of the app itself.

What I am utterly appalled at is the content being served: between ads, tweets from people followed by people I follow, tweets liked by people I follow, promoted tweets, I feel like the cognitive load one has to bear is just too much.

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