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I made my own build system for Vala in Vala, because I didn't want to use the other build systems made for it.

After 10,000 years (or 3 months, you pick), I've found my hat once more! It's time to conquer Earth!

So, now that there's a version of Android out for Switch, I can play the PC version of The Division 2 from bed!

I just realized I tooted "Monster Hunter World on Switch" once with no video, and once with the completely wrong video. WTF is wrong with me today?

So, installing LineageOS on my Switch so I can stream Monster Hunter World from my PC to it. This is gonna be fun.

I should email keybase to add support for me instance. I could've sworn they already did, and have a proof on my timeline.

I just got followed by an account called "Male Eye Candy". Does that mean I've made it with a single selfie? /s

Had a fun time at some hot springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Took a selfie there that I like so much, I'm actually gonna share on here.

There's a really heavy thunderstorm going through Colorado right now. We just past by a bunch of motorcyclists hiding under an overpass to not get hit by lightning.

Colorado, you're not allowed to have California temperatures. I came to Denver to escape the 100+ degrees weather, not to experience them at a higher altitude.

Haven't written any C++ in years, so getting some practice by writing some homebrew for Nintendo Switch. What could possibly go wrong?

Someone used the phrase "What the block..." on /r/minecraft. I think I'm gonna unsub from /r/minecraft.

Keep in mind the last earthquake of comparable size happened months before I was born. As a Californian I'm used to the occasional earthquake every now and then, but not ones this large.

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