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So, installing LineageOS on my Switch so I can stream Monster Hunter World from my PC to it. This is gonna be fun.

I should email keybase to add support for me instance. I could've sworn they already did, and have a proof on my timeline.

I just got followed by an account called "Male Eye Candy". Does that mean I've made it with a single selfie? /s

Had a fun time at some hot springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Took a selfie there that I like so much, I'm actually gonna share on here.

There's a really heavy thunderstorm going through Colorado right now. We just past by a bunch of motorcyclists hiding under an overpass to not get hit by lightning.

Colorado, you're not allowed to have California temperatures. I came to Denver to escape the 100+ degrees weather, not to experience them at a higher altitude.

Haven't written any C++ in years, so getting some practice by writing some homebrew for Nintendo Switch. What could possibly go wrong?

Someone used the phrase "What the block..." on /r/minecraft. I think I'm gonna unsub from /r/minecraft.

Keep in mind the last earthquake of comparable size happened months before I was born. As a Californian I'm used to the occasional earthquake every now and then, but not ones this large.

Can't sleep. Still shooken up (get it) by the earthquake earlier today. Even learning that any potential aftershocks or more powerful earthquakes will probably happen further north of me doesn't help.

Man, first a 6.4 then a 7.1 magnitude earthquake the very next day. I'm more than slightly concern about any possible future earthquakes here in SoCal.

Ah, the smell of gunpowder and beer is in the air.

Dammit, someone reminded me of City Escape. Now I'm gonna have "Trust me and we will escape from the city!" stuck in my head all day.

Wind Waker HD and Kingdom Hearts HD collection for Switch, please.

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