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Anyone know a good desktop podcatcher for Windows that isn't iTunes or gPodder?

I, for some reason, keep confusing Winterfell from Game of Thrones for Windhelm from Skyrim. I don't even watch Game of Thrones either, so I don't know why I keep confusing the two.

Given EA's recent track record with their games other than Apex, and their track record with the Start Wars license, I have absolutely no faith in Jedi Fallen Order being good.

Anyone remember the number for the one SCP who's a guy who can manipulate reality, but because he only use his powers while playing D&D.

I suddenly really want to play Bloodborne again...

My brain can not wrap around the idea of intentionally taking a nap during the day when you're not sick.

Install WSL for Windows 10.

Install Steam on WSL on Windows 10.

Install a Windows game on Steam on WSL on Windows 10.

Run Windows game on Steam using Proton on WSL on Windows 10.

So, update on the guy I called an ambulance for last week: He apparently collapsed again earlier this week according to another employee. My worrying after the paramedics let him go was unfortunately justified.

The new Visual Studio is all well and good, but I still wait for the day that SharpDevelop returns from the dead. One day...

So apparently if you install the second to last version of Inbox released and make sure to disable auto-updates for it, it works just fine because it uses the same API as Gmail. Even bundles still work because they're part of the API, Gmail just only uses it for searches.

My allergies have been on fire these past few days. Been having a sneezing fit nearly every hour.

It's been awhile since I've complained about my laptop's GPU not letting me play some games for more than 5 minutes and @GIGABYTEUSA RMA being useless and sending my laptop back twice after two RMA requests claiming it was "fixed". (Spoiler: they didn't fix it, twice)

TIL Android does not save 911 calls to your call history, so that's a thing...

...also I had to call 911 today because an employee at a store I went to suddenly collapsed, so that happened.

The Division 2 is fucking video game crack and I'm hooked. Only complaints I have so far are that the main story is only slightly better than the first game (the side stories from audio logs are so much more interesting) and I don't like any of the beard options for male agents.

Hey, guess what! Trophy Slots is now playable on the 1.14 snapshots using Fabric. Go check it out!

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