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Does the fact that I'm seeing Scooby-Doo themed Wal-Mart ads mean that the Ultra-Instinct Shaggy meme is dead now?

Note to self: Never buy from GIGABYTE again. They've sent me two faulty motherboards in the past (one was DOA, the other died after the first reboot), and my current (GIGABYTE) laptop's GPU is failing. Twice I sent it in for RMA, and twice they sent it back "fixed" only for the GPU to continue failing. I think it'd be more helpful to get my hands on a mobile 1070 chip from a sketchy shop and replace it myself than to send it in for RMA a third time.

Asking some search engine how to know whether my application is running using a JRE or a JDK.

Search engine responds by directing me to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Well done, search engine. Well played.

Every time I see Godot Engine, my brain capitalizes the 'D' to make it "GoDot Engine" and makes me think that it's an engine written in Go.

I've never felt so stressed yet simultaneously satisfied as I do right now.

With all the rain California has suddenly gotten, all the doors in my house have absorb some of the humidity and bulged, fitting a little too snuggly into their frames. I literally have to tackle my front door to open it when it's unlocked.

@PocketNerd Oh hey, your website URL finally got verified! At least on my timeline.

I don't know why it's called the "1-Shot" demo when I have over 120 shots by the end.

Me: Alright, time to give Resident Evil 2 ago. The original used to scare the shit outta me as a kid so I never played it, but now as an adult, I'm sure I can handle whatever this remake can throw at me.

*watches a single empty paint can slowly roll from around a corner*


inb4 Someone hacks the Resident Evil 2 1-Shot Demo to play it longer than 30 minutes and/or reset the 30 minute timer.

Someone at the gym is wearing short shorts while running on a treadmill. That looks like the most uncomfortable thing to wear while running.

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