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Last night, sore throat mostly gone and barely any coughing.
Me: Huh, maybe tomorrow I'll finally be all better.

Wakes up this morning with both sore throat and coughing back in full force.
Me: Oh come *coughs* on!

The Mystery Hero Free For All in Overwatch is 👌. Why did it take so long to add it to the game?

Finally got around to fixing my Linux Mint installation. Just had to boot into compatibility mode and reinstall the nvidia drivers. Don't know why it took me so long to do, only took like 15 minutes to fix.

Having lived my entire life in a densely urbanized part of California, I always have a hard time imagining areas where backyards lead directly to forests. I just think of it as a "movie neighborhood" thing, even though I've been to places where it actually is a thing.

Holy shit, it's actually raining properly in California!

Still needs some balancing, better rewards, and a little UI addition I just came up with, but the End Well is looking pretty good.

I just realized how painful it is how Windows, Mac, and Linux have a different name for the command to copy command output to the clipboard.

Windows: clip
Mac: pbclip
Linux (some distros require you install this first): xclip

Forgot that my model render function bound the atlas block texture, so when I applied an shader, instead of using the star texture for the shader, I got every item in the game as a "star"

Me: I want to make an entity with an the end portal effect on it. I wonder how that rendering works.

*Opens end portal renderer*
*Reads it*
*Closes IDEA*
*Shutdowns PC*
*Lays down on bed*
*Stares at ceiling without blinking*

Just noticed it's 3AM. Going to bed. Here's a preview of something I've been working on for the past two days.

Redownloading that one game I never finish and get lost in after the first major town.

Finally updated the links on my site to include Mastodon and verified my website on my profile in one go!

TIL You can run WSL at anytime by typing the name of the distro you installed into any command line window. Example: I installed Ubuntu for WSL, and in Cmder I can access it by just using "ubuntu" as a command.

So nice having my laptop back. It's nice having a 1070 on the go again.

Just found out today that Libravatar isn't shutting down. Don't know how I missed the news, but that's great that we aren't losing an open competitor to gravatar.

TIL macOS does not have screen edge snapping like Windows or Linux Mint, so if I want two programs side-by-side filling my screen, I have to manually resize their windows to fill the screen. And now I just miss my regular laptop even more. When is Gigabyte gonna actually finish repairing it and send it back?! T_T

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