Started listening to the Undertale soundtrack again. HELP, it's too good!

I keep forgetting I have a Wacom tablet and that I should practice using it.

The urge to opt into the Android Q beta is strong. The only thing stopping me is that it fails CTS.

Welp, gonna be sending my laptop to get repaired again. This time, however, it's being repaired by SquareTrade. Hopefully they'll actually fix my GPU issues and the body damage unlike GIGABYTE, who's RMA only said they fixed the issue and sent it back unchanged TWICE.

I made my own build system for Vala in Vala, because I didn't want to use the other build systems made for it.

After 10,000 years (or 3 months, you pick), I've found my hat once more! It's time to conquer Earth!

@jojo I don't think I've ever had an DisplayPort hit me up on Grindr.

So, now that there's a version of Android out for Switch, I can play the PC version of The Division 2 from bed!

I just realized I tooted "Monster Hunter World on Switch" once with no video, and once with the completely wrong video. WTF is wrong with me today?

So, installing LineageOS on my Switch so I can stream Monster Hunter World from my PC to it. This is gonna be fun.

I should email keybase to add support for me instance. I could've sworn they already did, and have a proof on my timeline.

I just got followed by an account called "Male Eye Candy". Does that mean I've made it with a single selfie? /s

Had a fun time at some hot springs in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Took a selfie there that I like so much, I'm actually gonna share on here.

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