Got my first Mirage win today. His standard special ability is super damn useful.

All this Apex Legends I've been playing has me wanting to play Titanfall 2 again.

Out of curiosity, I looked up videos of Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay on Xbox One to see what it uses for Reaction Commands. This Command Menu is cursed without a 🛆.

The RE2 Remake just reminded me that years ago when I was in High School (nearly a decade now, holy shit!) there was an Umbrella Corp car parked just down the street from the school parking lot. I still have a crappy 2009 basic cell phone picture of it that I took at the time.

After much procrastination, Trophy Slots for Fabric now stops you from using locked slots and renders the lock icon over those locked slots.

Note to self: Never buy from GIGABYTE again. They've sent me two faulty motherboards in the past (one was DOA, the other died after the first reboot), and my current (GIGABYTE) laptop's GPU is failing. Twice I sent it in for RMA, and twice they sent it back "fixed" only for the GPU to continue failing. I think it'd be more helpful to get my hands on a mobile 1070 chip from a sketchy shop and replace it myself than to send it in for RMA a third time.

@PocketNerd Oh hey, your website URL finally got verified! At least on my timeline.

I don't know why it's called the "1-Shot" demo when I have over 120 shots by the end.

Still need a lot of work for the logic, but yeah, Trophy Slots in 1.14 snapshots. Fabric is pretty fun to work with.

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