Not done much on my PQ2 translation patch simply because I've been writing a tool to help me read/write the tbl files it uses for names. Got reading done and about to start working on writing.

Found where Persona Q2 stores move names. I can make useful translations now!

Did someone say really poorly done translation patch by someone who doesn't know Japanese? No...? Well..I'm taking a stab at it anyway.

Using Google Translate to try to play Persona Q2. The main story beats are translating just fine, but every now and again it gives me a ridiculously bad translation that just confuses me to no end.

Back at it with the item rendering. Making some progress. Texture is being applied, but still need to figure out how to get the shader working in the masked area. I think it looks cool already though.

This is forever gonna bug me. IDK how it happened.

Redownloading that one game I never finish and get lost in after the first major town.

Finally updated the links on my site to include Mastodon and verified my website on my profile in one go!

TIL That Twidere supports Mastodon. Thanks to @cpw for pointing it out. Got the tabs all nice and labeled too.

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