Since there's now a large number of former x-rated tumblr users on here now, may I ask them to not use NSFW profile pics? I want to keep using the federated timeline without suddenly seeing a animated profile pic of someone masturbating.


Or someone tell me how to filter it, because most of them seem to use the same server and IDK how to filter it.

@Lomeli It's possible to block out an entire instance, but yes I think it's better to use SFW avatars.

I just Block those kinds of accounts. I've muted and blocked many accounts already. That's the only way, I think. I don't think the admins are able to police these offenders. Mastodon is definitely not safe for kids.

To block an entire instance, go to the profile of the offending member. From there you'll find the option to block that person's entire instance.

Oh yeah, I've also set my Preferences for Mastodon to Not Show Images in my timeline unless I choose to look at one. Some pervs don't use the CW feature.

@evelynyap And yup, had that enabled since day one. Hence my only concern being profile pics.

@evelynyap Yeah, I eventually figured it out. Little annoying that you have to click on an account for said instance to block it.

And yeah, I don't expect Mastodon SFW, and I don't mind them being here. Just wish they would be more considerate of others considering how Federated timeline goes out to everyone (though I'm willing to put that down to them not knowing that since some of them are probably extremely new).

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