A Soulsborne game that had MP regen from hitting enemies like from Kingdom Hearts 1, encouraging being on the offensive to gain MP to use powerful magic to continue being offensive.

I may or may not have fibre glass stuck to my hands.

My doctor's office is almost never full, but it still takes a million years to actually see him.

We're Whalers on the moon,
We carry a harpoon,
But there ain't no whales,
So we tell tall tales,
And sing a whaling tune.

Of course the day I need sleep the most is the day I can't fall asleep at all.

Just woke up suddenly, sweating, and thinking it was like 6AM or something. It's actually 1AM.

Today is for ramen, and that's just what we'll do.

I didn't know my mods had already broken the 1 million download mark on CurseForge and I'm only 300,000 away from 2 million.

Slightly annoying that ATM you have to use the default Pixel Launcher to use gesture navigation, but hopefully Lawnchair and/or Nova Launcher updates soon to address it.

Looks like Google is killing off the Inbox APIs. RIP Inbox, you were too good for this world.

Nothing like a sprained wrist to prematurely end a weight lifting session.

Been feeling more confident about my appearance lately, and I feel like working out is finally starting to show progress. Finally got some muscle mass in my biceps.

Started listening to the Undertale soundtrack again. HELP, it's too good!

I keep forgetting I have a Wacom tablet and that I should practice using it.

The urge to opt into the Android Q beta is strong. The only thing stopping me is that it fails CTS.

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