Okay, I had to upload this on here first. GPosed with my FF fiancΓ© and it's the cutest screenshot I've ever taken. Nothing is gonna beat it for a while.

That feeling when you get a single ant crawling on you and now any perceived movement or itch on you feels like a million ants scurrying all over your body.

I will not be horny on main for Professor Turo!
I will not be horny on main for Professor Turo!
I will not be horny on main for Professor Turo!
I will not be horny on main for Professor Turo!

Did you know doing 100 squats makes your legs very sore? Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Hi, I'm Lomeli, and I have an addiction. It is now my most played game since I started last year.

I think there's a virtual furry convention happening in on Coeurl. I just came out of a dungeon to see this. Things got a bit heated.

I guess we're all back here again. inb4 were all back on the birb in a few weeks

Oh geez, it's been nearly 2 years since I've last posted on here. Uh...hi guys o/

Why is it so hard to find a hex editor that supports UTF-8 encoding on Linux? My go to wx doesn't seem to support UTF-8 on Linux for some reason.

When I first played the RE2 Remake, I got through the Leon A on standard without any deaths. Today I played Leon A on standard again and had 4 deaths: 4 times on the Second Malformation of G, 2 of those deaths was because I didn't dodge the freight in time; 4 on the Mutated Tyrant fight and his bullshit 1-shot kill-at-any-health attack. Still love this game though.

Max has mastered the art of waking me up when I don't want to wake up.

Played my first D&D game in years. It went surprisingly well considering half the group were new to D&D and the DM needing to up the difficulty of our session (probably still needs to raise it after tonight) since there were more people than our campaign expected in our group.

I am now 25! Let this day be blessed with code that runs correctly on the first try!

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