I just realized I've never played Quake on PC. I've always played homebrew ports of it for consoles.

Fucking hell, a moth or some other insect dived bombed into the space between my glasses and my eyes! What the hell made it decide to do that!

I just realized I never made a script to update my site whenever I push changes to GitHub. I'll get to it eventually.

I saw someone mention using the SMPTE test pattern as a pride flag so here's an experiment:

For some reason FediLab wasn't connected to my account. That was weird.

Was told by a friend to be ready by 9:30 AM so a few of us can go hangout and have lunch. Woke up at 7 AM to get ready only to get a message saying change of plans, be ready by 11:30 AM. =/

Just remembered that in A Pup Named Scooby Doo, Scooby's parents called him "Scoobert" and now the phrase "Yare yare Scoobert" keeps repeating in my head.

Oh, forgot to tweet that I got the Forge MDK for 1.14.2 working on my machine. Time to start porting!

My Bluetooth headphones of two years have died. I am the big sad.

I just realized I've never seen a 3 button Sega Genesis/Mega Drive controller IRL. The one I played on growing up only had the 6 button layout.

I suddenly remembered that when I was little, I had a VHS for "Elmocize". I now have the phrase "Everybody, El-mo-cize!" stuck in my head.

WoW + Lomeli = Really Fucking Bored And Quickly Uninstalling This Game Lomeli

Why does every Yoshi game after the original Yoshi's Island have soundtracks that range from sub par to absolutely atrocious? The original was amazing, and it all went downhill from there.

How did we get from this: youtu.be/GlUeW7IOSFc

To this!: youtu.be/85AB1p6wpaY

I've had zero motivation to do anything these past few days. I've just laid on my bed watching YouTube vids and eating only getting up to eat when I couldn't ignore my hunger anymore.

Every now and again, the thought "One day I'm gonna die" pops into my head. Whenever it does, I'm suddenly immobilized in fear for up to a minute as my breathing gets very heavy and I feel a hole in my chest.

Is it stealing if someone stole your Pokemon Go account, bought a lot of stuff for the account with their own money, then you managed to take control of the account back, and thus now have all the stuff they bought?

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