RT @CommanderXanon@twitter.com: Commander X: A Fugitive Hacktivist Trapped In His Nightmares | bit.ly/2FCvlXC | Proceso TV Report |

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RT @wikileaks@twitter.com: VIDEO: Moving, insightful speech by digital activist Lauri Love on winning his case against US extradition from the UK youtube.com/watch?v=IzSgKeWmyo

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RT @revistaproceso@twitter.com: Commander X: un hacktivista fugitivo atrapado en sus pesadillas / una entrevista de @alsaldivar@twitter.com proceso.com.mx/560277/commande

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RT @wikileaks@twitter.com: VIDEO: Julian Assange UK lawyer @suigenerisjen@twitter.com responds to public confirmation of US indictment

More: iamwikileaks.org/


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RT @wikileaks@twitter.com: According to AFP, Ecuador's President Rafael Correa, who gave Julian Assange asylum, has applied for asylum in Belgium, claiming persecution by his successor, Lenin Moreno.

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RT @wikileaks@twitter.com: Statement: WikiLeaks publisher @JulianAssange@twitter.com launches case against his continued gagging, duress tl.gd/n_1sqmmgu

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RT @JulianAssange@twitter.com: Assange lawyer Judge Baltasar GarzΓ³n (known for his extradition request against Pinochet to the UK) arrives in Ecuador to file case tomorrow morning over @JulianAssange@twitter.com's isolation and gagging.

Background: justice4assange.com/

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RT @CommanderXanon@twitter.com: I can't spoil the party yet with the details. But some of my followers might smile, those with ears to hear....

I'm probably going to be on television in Australia tomorrow


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RT @UR_Ninja@twitter.com: Other than Taylor Wilson's messages (which can be read here: discordleaks.unicornriot.ninja) the leaked Traditionalist Worker Party chats show TWP members openly reminiscing about making firebombs at a rental property they were sharing with Richard Spencer unicornriot.ninja/2018/leaked-

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RT @CommanderXanon@twitter.com: One of the very last things I said to Julian before his Internet cut off was a promise, that I would find a way to get him out that Embassy. I will not let him down.

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RT @CommanderXanon@twitter.com: I will be Live on this months Unity 4 Julian Online Vigil Broadcast, being interviewed by the inestimable @ElizabethleaVos@twitter.com in approx. 1 hour. Tune in now, don't miss a minute of this vital stream.


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RT @CommanderXanon@twitter.com: I've been informed that in addition to being interviewed by @ElizabethleaVos@twitter.com I'll be interviewing the incredible @RossCameron4@twitter.com - Australian politician & former Member of Parliament, immediately after. This will be a fantastic segment folks, tune in now!


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RT @AnonGlobalRadio@twitter.com: We will be preempting all of our scheduled broadcasting today to bring you the Live Unity 4 Julian Online Vigil Broadcast 5.0 to commence in approx. 15 minutes.

Tune in now and do not miss a moment of this important and informative stream!

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RT @CommanderXanon@twitter.com: I'll be a guest again on this months Unity 4 Julian monthly vigil broadcast. I'll be interviewed this time by the incredible @ElizabethleaVos@twitter.com

I look forward to chatting with Elizabeth.

I encourage everyone to follow @Unity4J@twitter.com & tune in tomorrow.

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RT @ClassConscious1@twitter.com: Moreno narrowly fails in effort to have the Ecuadorian National Assembly strip Assange of citizenship. High level conspiracy against Assange continues classconscious.org/2018/10/05/

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RT @AJFaultLines@twitter.com: After details emerged about a corrupt plainclothes unit of Baltimore detectives, Fault Lines investigates how these officers were able to remain on the street, committing crimes, for at least a decade. Full film: bit.ly/2xYxPcz

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RT @wikileaks@twitter.com: RELEASE. Dealmaker: Secret ruling by ICC arbitration court on alleged corruption linked to $3.6 billion French/German/UAE arms deal. wikileaks.org/dealmaker/Al-You

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