A very high percentage of others' candidates who, when surveyed, say they will , except for Sanders supporters, which is about half.

That second part is dangerous.
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@IronMan @TKAJanuary @Thunderbirds511 @GlennGriffin8 I've been called a Yellow Dog Democrat and a bleeding heart liberal but I've never heard of the term Centrist or Establishment Democrat before 2016. We're supposed to be working towards a common goal of saving democracy, not dividing our party. Also, Ruffalo is getting roasted in that thread, last I checked.

Me, neither, Lily.

I've been on the county Dem committee in various capacities and serve as a GOTV manager for a local Democrat. People of every shade of blue that I know consider themselves "Democrats."

I'd like to get behind a President who wants to be the President of everyone, not drive me away.

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@IronMan @TKAJanuary @Thunderbirds511 @GlennGriffin8 agreed Tony. Why should I want to vote for a candidate who engages in name calling before I have a chance to vote? Heck, I think Sanders has some good ideas but M4A or Green New Deal will be implemented in the first year, let alone 100 days. It's going to take a lot of compromising to get started on those plans but unfortunately, today's younger voters haven't seen that in their lifetimes. We've got to stop governing with a hammer and nail.

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