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I don't know about y'all but Falwell getting booted off the Liberty U board has really lifted my spirits. šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£

@TonyStark I first saw this poster in a museum on the grounds of a concentration camp. Keep an eye out for any more reused by this administration. Stars of David never belonged to Nazis & were appropriated.

The triangles:
Red: political prisoners
Blue: foreigners
Green: criminals (who decides?)
Black: lesbians, pacifists, people w/ mental illness & addiction
Pink: gay & bi men, trans women
Purple: Jehovah's witnesses
Brown: Romani

@ubiety @AgentCarter_SSR

Hey guys, took a mental health break from social media. How's everyone doing?

Well kids, I'm going to say g'night. Still mostly bumbling around in this new space but I learned how to post some gifs tonight so that makes me happy. I'll leave y'all with these words of wisdom. Sweet dreams.

@IronMan @stephanierimmer2020 Wow, is this our first Democratic congressional candidate on Mastodon? Welcome! I followed.

A very special welcome to Democratic Congressional candidate for Congress Stephanie Rimmer! šŸ’„

She's running for Arizona's 6th district and is one of my favorite candidates for 2020.

Give her a follow @stephanierimmer2020 and check out her website.

Chip in if you can! #ElectDemocrats #2020election

I'm a bit pissed about the Democrats plan to offer tax credits in the face of our looming economic disaster and here's why: Our local sushi restaurant will offer take out only after today. One of the chefs told us "he doesn't know how he's going to feed his kids if the restaurant has to close." The Senate is dicking around w parliamentary procedures while this guy is wondering how he will feed his family. We don't need tax credits, we need $ to buy necessities & pay bills. Call your MOC today!


Add Steve Bullock to your donation list.

However, money alone will not win.

Volunteer to phone bank, knock on doors, help organizations make sure people are registered to vote and get that commitment to vote, offer voters rides to the polls, and write postcards and letters to voters.

These are all necessary to win this and every race. #FlipItBlue #montana

šŸ’„Incoming Transmission From EngineeringšŸ’„

Like the rest of you, I am concerned about #CorVid19 however, what concerns me more is that we will lose focus regarding #FlipTheSenateBlue this November.

To Save our Democracy, we must remain vigilant.
There's a lot of work left to do

So stay healthy Lads, remain vigilant, & #voteblue
@AgentCarter_SSR2020 @JRHorsting @GlennGriffin8 @Thunderbirds511 @Shurii

@IronMan2020 @PietroPie Everyone knows Biden will do a good job. He'll put competent people in every position, and with every name that comes in endorsing him, you get visions of those appointments.

I decided to go with Subway Tooter app for Mastodon but I can't add my account and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

My brother was incarcerated awaiting trial for drug charges for 6 months and told me what the attention to health care needs (physical and mental) was like.

I plead with our officials at every level of government and service: Please do not neglect the human beings in correction facilities during this public health crisis. And to the public at large: It is a mistake to assume they have the power to self-advocate or have anyone prioritize their lives.

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