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Every Democrat in this country should contact anyone they know in #Georgia to help make sure that they get back to the polls in January and elect Warnock and Ossoff.

We need to do the same things that we just did. Stacey Abrams has the right strategy: a grass roots campaign to mobilize voters.

Voters need to register by December 7. If you will turn 18 by January 5, you can vote in these elections.

After Biden’s win, parties gird for ferocious Senate runoffs in Georgia:

Chadwick Boseman, we won. Now we want to win the Georgia runoffs to help Joe and Kamala help all Americans. I think you’d dig it.

Help Flip it Blue. Donate here: 🔥

Thanks for being a light, Chadwick.

A president with a plan. Listening to and trusting experts. Preparing and prepared to solve problems, instead of making deals and arranging photo-ops. Seeking alliances instead of displaying strongmanship and trying to force his will on other sovereign nations.

#Biden46 đź‘Ť
Biden plans immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump policies:

How it started / How it's going. Captain Cal healing from the California 🔥. Posted by rehab at Oakland Zoo. Look out for each other.


Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris begins by quoting the late John Lewis:

“Democracy is not a state. It is an act.”

She continues, “With the very soul of the nation at stake and the world watching, YOU ushered in a new day for America.”

The Von Shtupp household is making extravagant champagne toasts and smoking cigars.

God, that was beautiful. I'm gonna sleep so good tonight.

Americans across race, place of origin and zip code turned out in record numbers to stand with and for each other, despite the pandemic and deliberate barriers from day-long lines to eliminated drop boxes.  

Voters overwhelmingly chose Biden to move forward together toward a better future. Biden will win the total vote, he'll win the Electoral College, and he will receive more votes than any candidate in US history. 

Our work is not done, but we have worked hard. Today is worth celebrating. 🎉

@AgentCarter_SSR2020 What a glorious day! Will you write us some more stories soon? I really miss reading them!

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