( ovo) *spins furiously*
( ov)
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(vo )
(ovo )
( ovo)
( ov)

its not surprising that video games are comforting given they feature the semiotics of a World with the semantics of a Toy

where you will learn French, Japanese and at least three programming languages through osmosis

My new thesaurus is terrible. Not only that but it's also terrible

TWITTER: “use first name last name if you can — it looks professional”
MASTODON: “Hi I’m fluffy at homosexual dot party”

but wow, I click a timestamp to see the context of a post and NOWHERE can I interact with a piece (boost/fav).

So... no interaction.

"Will Mastodon make any money?" scream the journalists, who have forgotten the joy of building sandcastles on the beach

ok, don't really know what happened but I devoured Dan Harris' "10% happier" on two days.

Continuing right away with "The road home" by Ethan Nichtern.

I haven't felt like prepared or enough at ease to give a go again for a long time but now I just start my timer and start breathing. So there's that.

im watching Hackers (1995) for the first time

wish me luck

has been a part of my life for almost 30 years now, come and go. In the beginning it was just sitting still and counting.

Later I stumbled upon José Silva. There was this epiphany of the first state. SOMETHING'S HAPPENING! *oscillates*

For a long time I thought, it had to be programmatic, visualisations, mantras; until I found out about Eckhard Tolle. Now Im back to mostly breathing. Or watching. Or hearing. Or being.

current readings are Dan Harris and Ethan Nichtern.

I've been wanting to write my own P&P piece like forever now. It has to be super slim on the rule side, but I want also this huge repository where I can stich something together for every possible occasion.

The best systems for my purpose I've come across so far are Drawbridge and Wushu, 1W6 and SME (both german).

Any suggestions whatsoever?

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