trying to figure out what to say on mastodon while also reading the federated timeline

I've been listening to a lot of Young Galaxy lately, it's a bit dream pop but really cool MV's

I'm your non-typical way lefty, nazi hating,do gooder type, I'm just very aloof

This place reminds me a lot of IRC, I'm enjoying the feed so far, many interesting people

well this was interesting so far, I will return tomorrow - - if you want to see Pokemon CG character models acting out a scene from "Golden Girls" using MikuMikuDance

I haven't joined any instances yet but the names are very entertaining

I have a tumblr too, same name, mostly pics and silly stuff

so far I'm not seeing a lot of other Canadians, lots of Europeans...sfsg

I didn't do the art in this avatar I just think San sleeping on a Totoro was the best choice

I'm mostly using the fed timeline because I don't know how to get around different instances easily

that fact this started with a web version is nice, I'm one of those weird non smartphone havers

I didn't quite makes the connections I wanted on Twitter, partially my fault for waiting so long to join

I've never gotten in on a social network early...exciting

the instance list doesn't tell me a lot about them

trying to get a hold of Taika Waititi's first 2 films, why do I have to like indie directors and films that only seem to get released by Criterion

I joined here by way of Sarah Jeong , I trust her advice

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