Just learns I can only post up to a 30 sec video here. Need more.

Okay, I need a master list of the best accounts to follow. Let's see if I can find some value in Mastodon.

Woke up this morning and realized I had totally forgotten about Mastodon. How does a social media platform persist when it doesn't take root in your mind?

BTW: Mastodon needs a "Translate this" button on Toots ASAP.

Stepped way for a bit, so I didn't realize people on Mastodon are still angry at me. Funny how threatened people on Mastodon feel by my article. If Mastodon is strong enough, my words can't kill it. I stand by everything I say, but I don't know the future and have not been shown to control it.

Morning, Mastodon. How are things in the alternate Twitter universe?

Because April the Giraffe should be on Mastodon, too.

Slipping back into Mastodon to see how things are progressing. Continued discussions about randos building new instances should be cause for concern. This thing will become so fractured...

That went well. I told them all the good and the bad about Mastodon. They asked me if it's a threat to Twitter. I said no. Am I wrong?

Is there a way to delete a Mastodon account? I've looked on the web interface and in Amaroq. I can sign out, but there's nothing for account deletion.

Wow, I really started something on this decentralized mess known as Mastodon. The peeps seem nice, but all this hacking away and standalone instances and domains will be its ruin.

Day 2 on Mastodon. Is it the next Snapchat or Peach?

Mastodon will need to simplify and consolidate if it wants to survive.

My 12-year-old self laughs every time I "Toot!"

Watching Iron Fist. Wishing it could be so much better.


Generalistic and moderated instance.