Any society that drops people like hot potatoes is inhuman, dispicable and to be changed.

One of the great mistakes of our time is the idea, anything in existence or thinkable can be made a good with a price.

Got up early. Coffee is empty. Greatest humanitarian catastrophy since the Irish potato famine.

break it down...

The logs will be carved until recognizable forms appear, and then disappear—the carving will continue until nothing is left but sawdust. Into that, the seeds will be sown. The resulting sprouts will be shown alongside photos documenting what was carved.


this is the first part of my cyberdeck (keyboard), the next step is to create the controller. the keyboard pass all tests and this is a big FUCK YOU to all closed hardware and technology firms and start-ups. i don't need a fucking repair service (apple, dell, hp) or stupid features (google, amazon) only fucking 78 keys, some random parts and cable. minimal hardware's the best fuck the rest. FUCK OFF! fuck smd, no enduser can repair it.

Dzisiaj: Łosoś i tuńczyk przyrządał za saszimi. Nigdy czułam się tak burżoazyjnym. :D

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