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Kodi ✅ @Kodi@mastodon.cloud

Add-on Spotlight: The Internet Archive

Consume audio and video from archive.org


Day 1 of DevCon is going strong! Thanks to @WeTekOfficial for sponsoring!

Add-on Spotlight: Mixcloud

Listen to great radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mix sets on-demand.


Skin Spotlight: Adonic

This is a brand new skin that has just been added to our repository for v17.


Wiki Spotlight: Quick Start Guide

New to Kodi? Here's a useful guide to get you started.


Skin spotlight:

Pellucid is a clean and simple Kodi experience designed for maximum usability and minimum fuss.


Add-on Spotlight:

Apple iTunes Podcast Browser

Browse & search for thousands of free Podcasts
NO iTunes Required!


Add-on Spotlight:

Jupiter Broadcasting - Watch shows from the Jupiter Broadcasting Network.


Add-on Spotlight:

Daily Dilbert - Read the Dilbert comic strip using Kodi.


We already told you about the new voice search feature added to upcoming Kodi v18 and here's the showcase video youtu.be/SrL3EDY3Pyk

Thanks for testing. Sadly Samsung Mobile really broke the Nougat Update. Android 7 is unusable with Float format. We won't workaround that.