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Add-on Spotlight: ExtendedInfo Script

Display online content inside skins as well as a complete MovieDB browser including info dialogs for various media types.

Add-on Spotlight: Trump Tweets!!
Love um... Hate um... Trump Tweets! Keep yourself entertained and/or enlightened by the President of the USA tweets.

Add-on Spotlight: Janitor

Automatically delete watched media from your libraries based on custom criteria.

Our Kodi repository only contains completely legal add-ons. In addition they are code checked for vulnerabilities.

The future is here as Kodi v18 will have a Windows 64-bit version following the other platforms.

Community Spotlight: Kodi Community Forum
The official online community resource for support and discussions.

Add-on Spotlight: iPlayer WWW (UK Only)

Enables playing of Live & Catchup TV & Radio from the BBC iPlayer website.

We have just released v17.3 as a minor bugfix release including some security patch. For more info read our article

Skin spotlight: (fuse)neue
A brand new skin for Kodi v17 and it is available from the official Kodi repository

Day 1 of DevCon is going strong! Thanks to @WeTekOfficial for sponsoring!

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